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You know the standards for a political party have fallen considerably when indictments against some of a governor's top staffers and appointees for crooked doings is ...
by Hunter
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Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse -- Adlai Stevenson, 1952. Nothing, nothing is more sacred to right-wing dogma than opposition to ...
by Paul Abrams
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This week, I posted what now seems like a  rather ironic tweet : “If you're tired of seeing 
by FisherShannon
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DC right-wing bubble-worlder George Will decided to wander into the governor's election in Wisconsin, as well as the issues surrounding campaign finance in the ongoing John Doe investigation. You ...
by Jake formerly of the LP
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George Will before his banishment to ...
by Jed Lewison
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That's why he's here.
by Hunter
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Charles Krauthammer appeared on the radio-box again to say that while he has "foresworn" long-distance psychiatry he still thinks Barack Obama is a "narcissist" who " talks ...
by Hunter
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So for whatever reason, the Koch Brothers are spending money in an effort to unseat Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR): http://www.oregonlive.com/mapes/index.ssf/2014/08/koch_brothers_begin_oregon_ad....
by poopdogcomedy
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Baseball in the era of George Will. Today's installment of GOP projection comes courtesy of long-time conservative columnist, and noted baseball fan, George Will.
by kenwards
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We could find homes for 50,000 refugee children on our borders— good homes, all over the country, in red states and blue states alike. It was digby who alerted me to this item about George Will's ...
by Demi Moaned
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Somewhere, Roger Ailes' face has turned an alarming shade of crimson. Today on Fox News Sunday , George Will went maverick and gave something for the blue-haired set to wag their disapproving ...
by Steven Payne
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Tired old Tory pundit George Will has lost a few newspaper op-ed checks after his column about how college sexual assault victims get some kind of "coveted status" when they report the assaults. ...
by devtob
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A few weeks ago conservative columnist George Will wrote a column in which he said that on some college campuses being a rape victim was a “coveted status.” The column was in response to ...
by Mike Coblenz
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Having been publicly scorned and humiliated with his claims that campus harlots are out-harloting themselves in the pursuit of "victimhood a coveted status" the bow tied buffoon has now taken to ...
by Reinvented Daddy
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The nation finally has an answer to the age-old question "what the hell will it take for newspapers to be embarrassed by George Will?" For the St. Louis Post-Dispatch , it was Will's recent ...
by Hunter
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From Think Progress : Will’s column is syndicated in newspapers across the country by the Washington Post, which bills him as “the most influential writer in America.” The St. Louis Post-...
by ericlewis0
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By now you've probably heard about [http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/06/08/1305429/-This-column-makes-me-sick?showAll=yes George Will's appalling column] attacking campus anti-rape activism, where ...
by Tara the Antisocial Social Worker
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Last week, the conservative columnist George Will wrote a typically dismissive column about sexual assault on college campuses. One of the institutes of higher learning cited was Swarthmore College, ...
by cabaretic
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George Will is such an ugly little person that it would take an analyst of the caliber of Alice Miller to figure him out. Whatever the cause of his perpetually pinched pettiness, the ...
by Laurence Lewis
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Shannon Fisher - host of the radio talk show, The Authentic Woman – Perspectives on the Female Experience in America , co-founder and past Director of Unite Against Rape and Board member of ...
by FisherShannon
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