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This diary came about because of a comment thread with The Marti and Mopshell in my KTK diary on Friday. The Marti expressed sympathy with the challenges we face in red states, together with a ...
by BeninSC
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Bonjour, mademoiselle! I'd like to see le tits now! I'm bored amid these 9 inches of snow that we got this week, so that must mean I'm writing up the next installment of my redistricting series ...
by Da Fireball
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That is all... #BigBlueNation.
by Da Fireball
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Politics is a dirty business, but a necessary one. We all have needs that only government can supply. That reality dictates that we pragmatically deal with unsavory political actors to do what’s ...
by skepticalbrotha
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By Nancy Bordier and Joseph M. Firestone Most governments claim they are democracies because they hold popular elections. A large majority of their citizens who cast votes also think their ...
by Letsgetitdone
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I didn't do a report last week because I spent the week on other sites delivering harangues regarding the Super Bowl. Never before in my 34 years on planet Earth have I been more pissed about a ...
by Da Fireball
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Since William Rehnquist joined the Supreme Court, it has made several rulings that have knocked the U.S. Constitution out of whack. Retired ...
by hungeski
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The midterm electorate is skewed far to the right. Only 13 governors are elected by presidential electorate, while 36 are elected by midterm electorates and 1(Va.) elected the year following each ...
by Charles280
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Tom Brady likes underinflated balls . This has been another edition of "Out of Context Theatre". Now back to your regularly scheduled programming below the orange squiggle.
by Da Fireball
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Before you instantly tune out at the sight of this title, I should let you know that a Democratic district can be made in all three of these uber-red states. Yes, even Utah. Click below the orange ...
by Da Fireball
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I have no constructive set-up this week, so here's a song with a beautiful title for Democrats.
by Da Fireball
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Like so many others, I have been following coverage of the terrorist attack on the staff of the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. There are many striking aspects to the event, but the one I want ...
by BeninSC
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OK, I was clearly drunk off of my ass on Grey Goose and Remy Martin V while I was writing my last report. That diary entry had more errors than Scott Brown's Twitter feed. Rest assured that I am ...
by Da Fireball
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On Tuesday 33 senators (12 newly elected), 22 Republicans and 11 Democrats, were sworn in by Vice President Biden, giving Republicans a 54-46 advantage in the Senate. Combined with their expanded ...
by Doctor Jazz
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As the tired old Faux News line goes, "Both Parties do it." Every 10 years we have a census, and every 10 years we see fanciful district maps, where equally fancifully-shaped districts take flight ...
by tallen387
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Happy New Year to DK! Unfortunately, this won't be a happy blue year, as the new Republican-controlled House and Senate will be seated on Saturday. But doesn't mean that we can't consider what ...
by Da Fireball
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I promised everybody several weeks ago that I would begin a brand new fantasy redistricting series on Daily Kos. Well, it appears that Festivus Christmahanukwanzaakah has come early this year ...
by Da Fireball
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It's been almost a month since the election, and I'm disappointed that the fact that over a third of state legislative races went without competition has not received more attention. Elections are ...
by ManfromMiddletown
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Back in 2012, Democrats won 48.8% of the popular vote in congressional races to the Republican's 47.6%, a lead of over 1.4 million votes nationwide. Despite that, Republicans had a margin of 33 seats,
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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Shooting spitballs won Republicans the Senate; now what do they do? With Republicans winning the Senate and Obamacare on the run, a new Era of Good Feeling is surely around the corner. Vote ...
by Richard J Rosendall
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