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Unless you have the right friends in government: It’s fitting that former mayor Giuliani, himself one of the elites responsible for America’s decline and the explosion of crony capitalism, ...
by thebloodycrossroads
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None of this should have surprised anyone, particularly those who could not bring themselves to vote, or otherwise support candidates whose election would have gotten in their way. The handwriting ...
by Barth
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Rudi Giuliani, the "hero" of 9/11, America's Mayor, has spoken about the proposed Islamic Center a few blocks from the site of the World Trade Center. His words are hardly heroic.
by Rashaverak
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The environmental cause could use a snappy put-down directed against the oil addicts. "Spill Baby Spill" is the answer. In the age of 15 minute fame and the snappy 10 second sound-bite something ...
by SON2007
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More analysis of right wing rhetoric: This time, a reaction to the Perino-Giuliani-Rove-Cheney-Kristol Axis of Lies, and the insane claim that no terrorist attacks took place on American soil during ...
by hepshiba
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(Cross-posted from Think it Through ) Data driven public policy – it is a cherished goal of the post-ideological,
by John Russonello
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Under Bush, America wasn't hit by a successful domestic terrorist attack by an Islamic radical after 911 (except the DC sniper attack, the El Al attack, etc.) Other than Iraq, Bush didn't try to ...
by barbadensis
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Giuliani said America never had an attack under Bush. But he meant to say America never had an attack since 9/11. But what he really meant to say (we may find out later) is that America had no major ...
by NorthAndEast
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As most readers know, Rudy Giuliani recently made an ass of himself by claiming that "we had no domestic [terror] attacks under Bush. We've had one under Obama." Wolf Blitzer subsequently forced ...
by out of left field
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I hear that our former mayor is cringing at the thought of trying the 9-11 suspects in New York. It might be unsafe. They'll turn this into a circus. They'll have access to lawyers. They'll be ...
by terryballard
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Crime is down, Times Square is all a glitter and clean, people are nicer to strangers, tourists are everywhere, the Yankees and Mets have new stadiums. But where are the cabbies who give the middle ...
by Missyjam
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Mike Bloomberg, the billionaire mayor, said he hadn't seen it but he said if voters think city schools are better today than they were under Thompson's leadership at the Board of Education, they ...
by vilixiliv
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By John Wilkes from Eyesonobama.com: Mark Sanford is far from ...
by eyesonobama
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Latest news from the Great California Banana Republic: Our Dear Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declares he will veto the Democrats' budget plan if it includes $1.9 billion in new taxes on oil and ...
by Alex Walker
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When we talk about "subprime crisis", the ponzi schemes, or the exotic commercial paper clog, etc. as unique phenomena that somehow sprouted out of the dark waters of the free market, we are doing a ...
by FundaMental Transformation
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As Caroline Kennedy all but seals the deal on the appointment, we've often focused here on dailykos about the implications i.e. Do big names only get to run for Senate? Is this undeserved ...
by LatinoDem
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Whether the arena involves sports, politics, film or any other circumstance where the limelight is concerned, there are those who shock the world by retiring perhaps even before we have seen their ...
by AAAverageAmericanBlogger
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Over the past several weeks, politicians such as Sarah Palin, Congresswoman Bachman, and John McCain have sought to divide the country into "Real" and "Fake" America. Those who live in more ...
by t1
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Relatively quick drive-by diary here -- just got home from work and when I walked in the door my phone rang and it was a caller claiming to be from a company called "Western Wats" (caller ID read ...
by keytone
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Ok, let me get this straight. On the Presidential Forum on Service the other night, when asked why he has run such a negative camppaign, McCain said that it was because Obama didn't agree to meet ...
by worldwidewally
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