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The 2012 U.S. Presidential election is tightening according to latest polling data, but from our measure, the pulse of the nation consistently reflect a strong desire for continuity of leadership. ...
by lbines
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While everyone is watching the horse race between Obama and Romney, the global economy continues to churn...or not churn . New orders dwindled in the euro zone, suggesting the outlook for the 17-
by gjohnsit
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Noted [http://mitsloan.mit.edu/faculty/detail.php?in_spseqno=198&co_list=F M.I.T. economics professor and former International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief economist Simon Johnson] has just made some ...
by bobswern
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Happy to see this LATimes article on the Obama Administration working to create a level playing field in the trade area today. Must Admit that I, like many labor fans, have not been very supportive ...
by divineorder
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Via his NY Times blog, yesterday, Princeton economics professor and Nobel Prize-winner Paul Krugman released the text of a speech he gave in Lisbon, Portugal, just over a week ago. It’s pretty ...
by bobswern
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on the front line. Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece. All of these countries are on the front line for default. Why, these countries specifically? If one were a conspiracy theorist, he/she would ...
by arlandbaee
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This is a loaded question. This diary is stimulated by a paper put out at the New England Center Systems Institute (NECSI). The paper is ...
by don mikulecky
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The following Real News Network video explains why better than any other explanation I have seen. Watch and learn.
by LWelsch
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Everything the GOP (read Wall Street, Koch Bros, Murdoch, Norquist, Rove, etc.) does is part of the right wing plan to eliminate unneeded workers: first cut their jobs, then cut their benefits, and ...
by The Wicked Fairy
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In his latest essay for the upcoming issue of Lapham’s Quarterly, a TomDispatch online exclusive, Lewis Lapham ventures deep into the American stomach and into a long, curious American ...
by TomDispatch
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As someone who follows European politics very closely, I was shocked to receive a New York Times update informing me that the head of the International Monetary Fund had been taken into custody. ...
by Jaturner1
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Today’s issue of the International Herald Tribune includes a program titled Dual Degree Programs are Gathering Steam. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/28/world/europe/28iht-educLede28.html?_r=1&...
by HalWLanse
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This article, video {if it embeds, if not 'll give link to} and UNEP report says it all. The Green Economy is much more then just about Climate Change, much more, that will be just a huge result of ...
by jimstaro
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In this final section, I'll cover the portion of our talk in which we discussed the differences and distinctions in government between the House and Senate. Stevenson was a first-hand witness to ...
by cabaretic
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Today's report features: • The State of the Union: The Address: "We do big things. The idea of America endures. Our destiny remains our choice. And tonight, more than two ...
by Kat 4 Obama
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by Valatius
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Today AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka gave a great speech on how we can't talk about developing a world class economy without confronting our own "contradictions, ...
by Tula Connell
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Since World War II it has been an economic truism that when the US catches a cold the rest of the world gets pneumonia. The idea is that the US has held such hegemony over the global economy that it ...
by Richard Lyon
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The global economy has essentially been on life support since the crash of 2008. Vital signs have become fairly stable and there have been occasional flickers on the EEG, but the only country that ...
by Richard Lyon
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As Europe all but begs the U.S. to put a saddle on Wall Street speculation, is it becoming even more apparent that the status quo has decided otherwise? We learn from The U.K. ...
by bobswern
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