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(This is just a quick, short diary where I'll let climate-scientist Dr. Michael Mann do most of the talking.) Dr. Michael Mann's patience with global-warming deniers is, shall we say, getting a bit ...
by caerbannog
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Well, leaving a version without the @ sign of my e-mail apparently can get you hate mail. I suppose it was in response to my post for the Patriot News Clearinghouse last night. For what it's worth:
by billlaurelMD
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From the pen of Joseph Go Success is the important thing . Propaganda is not a matter for average minds, but rather a matter for ...
by A Siegel
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Sarah Palin has weighed in on ClimateGate, using Facebook to jump in with her perspective on SwiftHack. NOTE : ...
by A Siegel
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Everyone has a favorite decade, and for Climate deniers, that decade has got to be, the 70s. Yes, the decade of disco, kung fu, and ...
by greenman3610
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I got an email from my Aunt last Thursday: Dear [Gooch] - I got this e-mail from Bob [xxx], who is in our small group at church. He is the son of Bob & Betsy [xxx] who were active in the ...
by Gooch
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In her ABC interview , Sarah Palin has tried to morph herself from ...
by A Siegel
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[http://www.kusi.com/weather/colemanscorner/19842304.html Ever wonder what happened to the dottering, old kook from the Weather Channel] that was the world's foremost Global Warming Denier? His ...
by Detroit Mark
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(Promoted from the diaries, with minor edits. -- Plutonium Page). The Minority on the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Commitee (read James Inhofe (R-Exxon)) has ...
by A Siegel
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I have a certain image in my mind about certain television personalities. Some are people I now dismiss as mouthpieces to one or the other political bias. Some I viewed as still untainted by this ...
by Detroit Mark
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