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Living in Philadelphia these past several years, I have been able to see how well Republican Governor Chris Christie has responded to a number of extreme weather emergencies during his tenure. ...
by pierre9045
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There are few places in this world that exemplify the ecological insanity of Western Civilization more than the city of Las Vegas. Take so much as a cursory glance at the landscape on which Las ...
by Virally Suppressed
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I got up very early yesterday morning and I saw what I thought was aircraft lights low in the sky. I thought it must be an aircraft, because this light was bigger than Venus, which is usually one of ...
by GreenMother
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This is your planet. This is fossil fuels.
by citisven
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This is going to be a short (for me ;) diary on a growing problem: water shortages. If you do a quick search with any web search tool on water shortage , you'll turn up no end of news stories ...
by xaxnar
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This weekend, the Southwestern US is experiencing a record breaking heat wave . Just last weekend, Alaska experienced a record breaking heat wave . These are predicted symptoms ...
by misneach
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Global warming we can handle... Drier and a couple degrees warmer, just farm like it's Nebraska instead of southwest Minnesota. Maybe have to irrigate and actually rotate beans with the corn, but we'...
by RuralRoute
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(crossposted from my blog, www.GearheadGrrrl.com ) 1st of december, and went for a hundred mile or so ride around western Minnesota and into South Dakota a bit today. Took the Moto Guzzi Quota to ...
by GearheadGrrrl
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New Scientist is a good place to check daily for science-related news of all kinds, including stories on climate change the regular media doesn't have a lot of space for. This will be a quick ...
by xaxnar
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When the tiniest bit of snow hits Washington, DC, area grocery stores can suddenly find their shelves (especially milk ...) depleted with the hordes of panic buyers terrified of being caught without ...
by A Siegel
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For those who somehow missed it, the 'climate disruption arena' within Daily Kos has had a bit of a kerfuffle in the past two days in which my words play a leading role. It started with Weatherdude'...
by A Siegel
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By Sarah Laskow, Media Consortium Blogger Climate skeptics found plenty of reasons to dig out their dreary critiques this week, between the continuing controversy over erroneous reports ...
by The Media Consortium
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