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Recently there have been more and more rumors about the actual amount of gold that is held by central banks. America has the largest gold reserves, which amount to 8133 tons. However, some doubt ...
by John Promethos
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Gold bugs ranting of manipulation. Naysayers echoing the cry of barbarous relic. Which one is correct and which is FOS? Maybe some facts can shed some light.
by joeshwingding
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I grow very tired of the hair on fire statements, not based on fact, that say we are devaluing our currency by 'printing' money. The endless rending of garments that certain groups (you know who ...
by whoknu
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Make the debt collectible. Instead of minting a one trillion dollar platinum coin, mint 9 copies of a one-hundred-billion dollar platinum coin, 99 copies of a one-billion dollar platinum coin, 990 ...
by abe ferlman
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The U.S. Dollar is not a limited commodity like gold. It is a social construct, a tool, an accounting term used to measure and facilitate economic transactions-it is infinite. Think about that ...
by whoknu
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In the broadest terms, you can say that investment is the giving up of some resource in order to gain some resource in the future. In our society, we usually think of investment in terms of ...
by Thutmose V
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by Ojibwa
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The Olympic Games have grown into a multibillion dollar industry. But with that growth comes concerns about the negative effects of the event on the people and places where the Games take place. On ...
by MakingContact
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I think every boy, at some point or another, is fascinated by pirates. The freedom. The action. Becoming a legend. Of course, cooler than all of that is the booty. Chests of gold doubloons ...
by AlecMN
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Bravo, Seth MacFarlane. Bravo. Watching this now. Rich guy (Carter Pewterschmidt) tricks people into screwing themselves and tearing down the local government. They hate taxes and socialism. And ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Gold, tantalum, tungsten, tin -- gold and the three Ts, the essential guts of electronic devices, amps. receivers, circuitry, chips, amalgamated into mobile electronic devices like cellphones, I-Pads,
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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Heard a little news blurb on the radio this AM about Spain getting a treasure back from those who salvaged it. The Guardian has the story Treasure from sunken galleon must be returned to Spain, ...
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For the rich who have everything. They came up with something else. http://www.montrealgazette.com/story_print.html?id=5968253&sponsor= LOS ANGELES -- When Hollywood's top stars, ...
by dov12348
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by Something the Dog Said
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Sometimes you have to appreciate a really good scam. Then there's stuff like this, that just makes you want to sigh and shake your head.
by Thunderthief
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1. Stance on reducing or eliminating corporate influence in politics Eliminate "Personhood" legal status for corporations. The interests of the general public and society must always come before ...
by joelado
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by joelado
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From a recent Mother Jones (MoJo) article, [http://motherjones.com/mojo/2011/11/glenn-becks-favorite-gold-company-charged-fraud Glenn Beck's Favorite Gold Company Charged With Fraud] (which has ...
by Dbug
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Well hellooooo there everyone! It's Tuesday night, so you know it - it's that time again! Time to leave the bad news and politics behind and instead jam to some of our favorite songs! Well, a lot ...
by poligirl
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I have always been fascinated by gold. My Great Grandmother was an excellent story teller. She changed her style depending on the age of her audience and kept them hanging on every word. I ...
by This old man
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