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Noticing what seems to be the relatively recent appearance of members of the Military tending the flag at virtually every golf tournament, I find myself wondering what it says about the direction of ...
by crankycurmudgeon
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Remember that time a young Tiger Woods burst onto the scene at the 1997 Masters, winning by a bucketful of strokes? Then remember the next year, when angry old white man Fuzzy Zoeller quipped that ...
by Grizzard
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Blue Dog Congressman John Barrow (D. GA-12) has always been a top target for Republicans but now that he's seriously considering throwing his hat into the 2014 Senate race being vacated by Senator ...
by poopdogcomedy
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Most amazing shot I've ever seen.
by dov12348
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Who cares about the temper tantrums being thrown by the pampered media because they didn't get to meet Tiger Woods? The real story is that while 50,000 people were at the White House asking the ...
by joanneleon
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If only there had been as much outrage over, say, Iraq ... In case you missed it while you were busy having a life, the White House Correspondents Association—a.k.a. the media–have their ugly ...
by Barbara Morrill
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This is a short follow-up to Ian Reifowitz' [fine diary yesterday on "poor" Phil Mickelson's woes about taxeshttp://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/01/21/1180771/-Oh-Noes-Phil-Mickelson-R-Golf-Might-...
by Phil S 33
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Phl Mickelsonm who has made over $65M playing a game (not counting his endorsement money) is throwing a hissy fit over the new taxes he has to pay . Apparently since his new tax rate is a cumulative ...
by jusjtim35
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Phil Mickelson is one of the top golfers in the world. He's also now saying this: LA QUINTA, Calif. -- Phil Mickelson said he will make "drastic changes" because of federal and California state tax ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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I read "The Golf Omnibus" by PG Wodehouse and liked it: it made me laugh and it changed my life by making golf seem like fun, and then I tried it at the instigation of a friend and now I'm a ...
by exlrrp
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While Donald Trump gets ready to do whatever Birther skunks do to foul up decent people’s lives, he has been caught up in a renewed and continuing stink in Britain. The BBC has just broadcast the ...
by saugatojas
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I've been playing disc golf since the mid '70s when me and my friends, the other neighborhood kids, would go through the cul-de-sac streets of suburbia throwing our discs at mailboxes and street ...
by DuzT
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Workers locked out of the Castlewood Country Club in Pleasanton, California since February 25th, 2010 will be able to return to their jobs -- and health care coverage -- on October 16th. After a ...
by jpmassar
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Oh Jack. It pains me to see you endorsing a man like Romney when throughout your life you've displayed an unerring instinct for fair play and honesty. As much any sportsman of any era you've played ...
by VeloDramatic
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August 2001: George W. Bush takes a 27 day vacation at his ranch. August 2002: 27 day vacation at his ranch August 2003: 29 day vacation at his ranch August 2004: 14 day vacation at his ranch August ...
by The Stig
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I rarely listen to Rush anymore, but today in the car I decided to see what the old fart was spewing. Today he intimated that Rory Sabbatini intentionally lost the Jack Nicklaus' Memorial ...
by Hey338Too
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Vetwife wrote today: I am the type of Mother who will quit hugging last. I am the kind who cheers the loudest and longest at a ballgame. Clap the loudest at a concert and smile the biggest when ...
by webranding
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(Once more, something written in the good old days when I really thought I could share my man with golf. Later I decided to forget that idea!) What do you do when the "other woman" is Golf? Count ...
by people power granny
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(Click to enlarge) As upsetting as the "War on Women 2012" has been, I managed to keep my cool, I think, until last week or so. But at some point between the Masters Tournament at creepy Augusta ...
by Jen Sorensen
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Billy Payne, Chairman of Augusta National Golf Club addressing the press and members - 4/3/12; “I (am concerned)...about the absence of growth in golf, and especially among the younger demographic��
by KAMuston
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