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Being #2 on the List of Greenhouse Polluters -- producing 126,750,270 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. annually -- it's about time that the Duke Energy Corporation 'woke up' and ...
by jamess
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A quite rare event in our Bears-fight-Bears world ... and the "adoptee" was a Grizzly cub too. Simply amazing. In wildlife rarity, 'supermom' grizzly sow adopts yearling in Katmai by Megan Edge,
by jamess
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Well, I'm fresh home from Dodge City - a fair trip for my family and I to go out and help work the efforts in Southwest Kansas with voter registration. We've worked for a few weeks to help bring ...
by Chris Reeves
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Well not a "wall" exactly -- more like a Tea Party "speed-bump." More on that in a minute, first the good news about solar-wind "Grid Parity" and its inevitable possible consequences, from a "...
by jamess
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Think Progress/Climate has the good news . Solar installations on school roofs is a no-brainer if there ever was one. According to a new report by the Energy Department and the Solar Foundation —
by VL Baker
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Hopefully this is a sign of a more reality-based investing strategy, taking hold in 'Retirement Security' business. Calpers, Nation’s Biggest Pension Fund, to End Hedge Fund Investments by ...
by jamess
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U.S. Pacific Blue Whales Seen Rebounding Close To Historic Levels by Bill Chappell, NPR.org -- September 07, 2014 Decades after the threat of extinction led to them being protected from whalers, ...
by jamess
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How fast can Tesla meet demand for affordable, convenient alternative to traditional gas guzzlers? We'll soon find out. Tesla is rapidly ramping up its production with financial wizards abuzz with ...
by VL Baker
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Tina Casey teases us with a game of electricity generation cost limbo in her encouraging article, How Low Can Wind Energy Go? 2.5¢ Per Kilowatt-Hour Is Just The Beginning. The tubes have been ...
by HoundDog
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Major court ruling clears the way to let renewables into the grid. This is what we've been waiting for. Doesn't matter how much solar or wind energy is created if it can't transmit that energy ...
by VL Baker
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It seems all you hear on the media these days about Chicago is "shooting, killing, shooting, gun laws, more shooting, ChiRaq, etc etc etc". Well, here's some GOOD news coming out of Chicago: The ...
by zenbassoon
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EAT ME! Oxfam International spoke and General Mills listened. Now General Mills, one of the largest global food corporations, makers of Taco Bell, Pillsbury, Cheerios and yes, Wheaties, has made a ...
by VL Baker
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Thanks to Mopshell for sending in this article describing good news in the wind energy electrical genertion,
by HoundDog
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Loggerhead Sea Turtle It's been a long time coming but finally Sea turtles have received the protection they need to sustain their species into the future. I've been active in Sea Turtle habitat ...
by VL Baker
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Daniel Gross' article in Slate ...
by HoundDog
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Those that had followed me, might have seen me drop off the radar for a bit. This is because, I had a major life changing moment. You see, do to the attacks on the public sector and major budget ...
by idbecrazyif
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Hello, Kossacks! I've got some good news on the personal front. I've been doing sysadmin and development work for a bit over a decade now, and a lot of it has been for some very successful ...
by The Technomancer
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Good news can come like a breath of fresh air, like oxygen when you're running out of breath. So how about some good news? Voter ID has been struck down in lots of places - [http://www.dailykos.com/
by Wee Mama
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I got the news on Monday. I got a job. It's been a tough year for me. As it has been for so many among us. It has been a struggle. You plod along, applying to job after job just to be told you ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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The Milwaukee Brewers spring training camp had a visitor a few weeks ago, a scruffy looking stray dog. Friendly and charming, he got bathed, fed, taken to a local vet, and became an unofficial ...
by Puddytat
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