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This evening on the local Atlanta news, I heard a report of a woman whose Honda was carjacked by four men. The woman jumped onto the hood of her car to try to prevent it being stolen. Then the news ...
by Lily O Lady
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This man was lucky so many were still in the station: The man was boarding a Perth-bound train at about 8:50am when ...
by Jen Hayden
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This is a true story, or as true as I can tell it, based on my memories from over thirty years ago, and from what I was told by various individuals, regarding the no good, very bad beating I took at ...
by Steven D
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Saving Lives with Simple Solutions by Allison Glasser Seven years ago, Durham resident Chad Sanders lost his sister, Shelly, to drug overdose. Shelly had been using drugs with a friend in her dorm ...
by NC Harm Reduction Coalition
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Written by Tessie Castillo Few experiences are more painful than the sudden passing of a family member. For Chad Sanders, a nurse in Durham, North Carolina, the pain is sharp and fresh as the seven-...
by NC Harm Reduction Coalition
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On October 1, 2012, Florida became the newest state to enact 911 Good Samaritan legislation in an effort to curb statewide fatalities from drug overdose. Good Samaritan laws grant immunity from drug ...
by NC Harm Reduction Coalition
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I realize I have to start posting more positive stuff here and not complain all the time...because that just contributes to my anger. I thought THIS was a feel-good story for ya! This lady is a ...
by jennifervents
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Been quite a year, huh? We’ll remember this one for a long time. This new generation of Republicans, the self-styled Tea Partiers, want to repeal just about all of the 20th century. They don’t ...
by Michael Lux
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A new translation of the Gospel of St. Luke--specifically, the Parable Of The Good Samaritan--sheds interesting new light on challenges Jesus might face in His ministry if He were among us today..
by MacDaffy
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I originally wrote this for my own site here but thought it should be shared with the ...
by Aaron Krager
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With the July 27, 2010 enactment of the FY2010 Supplemental Appropriations Act (H.R. 4899/P.L. 111-201) Congress has approved a total of $1.121 trillion for military ...
by grannyhelen
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So much of my life I spend cynically griping about the bad side of human nature. The work I do every day frequently centers around a ceaseless source of constant frustration. Seeking strategies to ...
by cabaretic
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Until yesterday, the subject of distracted drivers and their role in pedestrian accidents was merely an abstract annoyance. When I moved to DC, I quite willingly gave up my car and resorted largely ...
by cabaretic
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All the fear-mongering talk of “nationalizing” 17 percent of the economy is nonsense. Government, through Medicare and Medicaid, is already administering almost half of ...
by teacherken
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I have been thinking - and writing - a lot recently about the nature of love, of caring, of concern. And on this, the final Brothers and Sisters for 2009, I would like to continue that exploration.
by brothers and sisters at dailykos
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Jesus Christ was the quintessential bleeding-heart liberal , and literally so. Then how have conservatives succeeded in co-opting Christianity itself? ...
by Art Smart
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What would Jesus Do about Health Care? Good Question. Well it sounds, like he understood how Sick People need Doctors: Mark 2:17 ...
by jamess
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(Part 3 of " The Primer on Scripture and the Budget for 2009 ") . . . Some may say that Isaiah's vision of the Kingdom of ...
by kbkr
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Most of us who support Barack Obama recognize that race is an issue in this election. The campaign can't address it without being taggd with playing the race card and it's a delicate issue to ...
by Heidiho610
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by textus
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