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Cross-Posted from DeSmogBlog By David Goodner and Steve Horn Everyday Iowa voters are less likely to caucus for former Texas governor and potential presidential candidate Rick Perry “because of ...
by Steve Horn
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Governor Rick Perry of Texas and his supporters would have us believe that his indictments are about a funding veto. They are not. They are about a governor presuming to have the legal right ...
by Steve Love
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From the "Saw It Coming a Mile Away" department, Texas' restrictive laws on abortion and birth control have been a boon to illegal abortion providers and miscarriage-inducing drug peddlers. ...
by eowynsdottir
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“Democrats stuck together very well this session and made strong arguments and strong advocacy on behalf of a woman’s right to choose,” state Sen. Kirk Watson (D), the head of Texas’ ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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And you thought he was kidding last year? If Texas Governor Rick Perry (R-Nuts) has his way, his state would essentially create its own Fort Knox, in which the state would establish a Texas Bullion ...
by markthshark
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My name is Rene, and I am graduate student. I am also on the Women's Health Program (WHP). Many of the women on the WHP are college students like myself, trying to better their lives with a higher ...
by RH Reality Check
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Tea Party leaders like to paint clean energy and climate action as issues that matter only to elite Democrats living in coastal cities. This claim would come as a surprise to ...
by Heather TaylorMiesle NRDC Action Fund
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Hi fellow Kossacks. I feel very fortunate to have been offered an accepted a full time position with benefits that starts this morning. I have been struggling mightily for some time now and have ...
by Vote4Obamain2012
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Why is it bad news for Gov. Perry when Science Magazine reports that the head of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, Peter Hotez, is leaving George Washington University and moving the 20 plus person ...
by OHdog
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The WeeklyBUG is a report on the Bad, Ugly and Good the previous week. Unfortunately, this blogger has been severely ill and had major problems (l ike room rent - can't make money in bed )
by laserhaas
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There remains no greater evil than the manifest injustice of those in power who abuse their citizens for political gain. Holding one of the highest badges of achievement in this area can go to TX ...
by laserhaas
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Here's our open letter to Governor Perry, in which we ...
by Back To Basics
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written by Noelle Bell aka slinkerwink, Director of New Media For Back To Basics ...
by Back To Basics
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Since the 1960's, the left has always been vilified as "unAmerican", "unpatriotic" or "traitors". In fact, many times over the years we've heard them say,"America, Love it or Leave it." Well,
by markalan
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Governor Rick Perry of Texas seriously misleads the public with his editorial as to why his state is able to balance its budget and high-income tax states like California and New York State are not. ...
by Scott on the Spot
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Last night, as the Texas House of Representatives hit the deadline to consider Senate bills, the state lost the opportunity to act on a host of important legislative initiatives, including several ...
by John Terzano The Justice Project
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what the heck were those teabagger talking about the other day regarding being taxed too much? Jump to link to the chart that shows they are full of crap since those white folk in the Red States ...
by cherbear
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You should realize by now borders mean nothing to the Old Guard of Texas, especially when herding a majestic herd of sockpuppets across the plains of the internetz. Down home in Texas, we’ve ...
by Ahura Mazda
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Even though the Texas Republican primary is still about a year away, the race for Governor is already well underway. Last week former Vice Presidential candidate and current Governor of Alaska ...
by LiberalTexan
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Governor Rick Perry gave the state of the state address tonight, and as the 81st Texas Legislature convenes to do the people’s business Left of College Station will be watching. Over the ...
by LiberalTexan
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