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Over at the NY Times , "Steven Rattner is a Wall Street executive and a contributing opinion writer" who has put together some graphics delineating the intersection of government taxing and ...
by xaxnar
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Has anyone else noticed, in the last couple of weeks, some of the charts Rachel uses are being set up "backwards"?? It's bugging us A LOT.
by chimene
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I was going around the intertubes and have wondered how that austerity thing is working out here and other places. I was shocked upon visiting a site that had compiled a graph to depict the extent ...
by Vetwife
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I thought I would use graphical analysis to explain why AUSTERITY IS A REALLY BAD IDEA DURING A FISCAL CRISIS! I am not an economist, but I have spent 20 years teaching graphical analysis and ...
by jea4
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I have continued tracking and charting all of the polls in each state and deeming the winner of each state as determined by the median active credible poll.  As of today, these are the thirteen ...
by quibblingpotatoes
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In April of 2001, I lost my job in the "dot-bomb" recession. I was living in Silicon Valley and had had a few "silicon valley" type jobs (read: I worked for technology companies), the most recent -
by BayAreaKen
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I confess that I am a mathematically inclined geek, and so I understood and agreed with and even enjoyed Ezra Klein’s segment on the Romney campaign’s misuse of Venn diagrams (The Rachel Maddow ...
by chloris creator
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In case you're curious as to just what climate change is going to look like when it really gets cranked up in a few years, here's a sneak preview: These two maps are ...
by Neapolitan
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The other day Ezra Klein tweeted this:
by Words of Wiesman
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The Economic Policy Institute is reprising 11 of its most "telling charts" from 2011. Below are two of those, and ...
by Meteor Blades
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Last week, in Number Sense 029 we added and subtracted nothing from our equations, and ...
by Orinoco
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The would-be Super Congress: ...
by Joan McCarter
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by Laura Clawson
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Data have proven a potent tool in the hands of dissidents and reform activists elsewhere. Using numbers, OWS can ...
by alonsoquijote
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by Shef
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The latest data dump by the Debt Commission is more metaphorically biological than actually numerical. It is a conglomeration of the most amateurish examples of graphs deliberately – ...
by Steve Love
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I've recently had a back and forth email discussion with a friend of mine about economic issues. He basically said "they're all to blame", holding both parties equally responsible for our economic ...
by barindersharma
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Taxes, debt, deficits, Tea Parties, "populist anger", financial crises, there sure is a lot of hootin' and hollerin' about money these days. Sadly, the debate over these issues has pretty much ...
by MikeDub
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One of the primary teabagger "criticisms" of Obama is the current Federal Deficit. Teabaggers argue the POTUS is spending recklessly and we need to get back to a conservative budget. The typical ...
by Age of Quarrel
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If 2+2= 3 then false If 2+2= 5 then false If 2+2= 4 then true Explained below the fold.
by MinistryOfTruth
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