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Hi! I'm Bob Krause, and I am running against Chuck Grassley for US Senate in 2016. The Iowa Democratic party is yearning for a populist message. People want to break the cycle of stagnant wages ...
by bobk7777777
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The Huffington Post : We want to know what you think. Do you feel safer knowing that the U.S. is willing to target citizens it believes mean to do harm to the country?
by river0
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A tally of the senators who voted to screw unemployed veterans.
by Skeptic All
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If you discovered legislation that would post at least 250,000 job openings yearly (with average wages of $75,000) on the Department of Labor's web site, would you urge Congress to pass it? If ...
by Donna Conroy
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If the Republicans believe having more guns make us safer, then why are they concerned about operation Fast and Furious which provided guns to Mexico?
by MugWumpBlues
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Today, in Sioux City, I'm going to unveil my comprehensive plan to reduce the federal deficit and national debt, but I thought I would post here first. Like most Iowans -- and Americans-- I am ...
by roxanne conlin
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We got more bad news in Iowa over the weekend. CQ Roll Call now rates our U.S. Senate race as "Safe Republican."
by OlderBlunterProgressive
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What's worse than that? If I am not successful in defeating Sen. Grassley, and at some point over the next six years the GOP reclaims the Senate, he could Chair Judiciary.
by roxanne conlin
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I doubt that it should come as any surprise, but this will hopefully help Roxanne raise some money. http://www.actblue.com/page/dean-dfa-jointendorsement I expect the corporations to bust ...
by the skipper
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I was flipping through the channels this evening and happenned upon Senator Chuck Grassley making comments about how allowing the tax cuts that he passed for Bush would cause rich people to be less ...
by Michael Bindner
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Thanks to all of your of your support, we won our primary last night! It's not just a win for our campaign, it's a win for progressives nationwide. We've earned the right to challenge Chuck Grassley,
by roxanne conlin
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Since my last post there have been a couple of polls that changed some of my predictions, not in a major way, but I just wanted to record what the most accurate picture currently is of some of the ...
by chriscom
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I always knew Chuck Grassley was going to be vulnerable, and that the way we’d beat him is to help our fellow Iowans see that he’s not working for them -- but for his Washington lobbyist ...
by roxanne conlin
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If Senator Grassley fails to support to the Glass-Steagall amendment, that action by itself will signal to Iowans that he is on the side of unbridled greed by Wall Street firms instead of the ...
by Fiegen US Senate to Retire Grassley
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Research 2000 polled for KCCI Channel 8 in Des Moines. Senator Chuck "pull the plug on grandma" Grassley is finally below 50% and he ...
by 2laneIA
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Iowa's biggest embarrassment, Chuck Grassley, continues his fight against those Iowans who dare question his awesomeness and motives. Now he is resorting to public tiffs with those who dare ...
by rurallib
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A lot of presidents have used recess appointments, but it shows a lot of disregard for the Senate’s advise-and-consent role to bypass not just the full Senate, but also the committee of ...
by Fiegen US Senate to Retire Grassley
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Democratic Senate candidate Tom Fiegen today said Senator Chuck Grassley’s flip-flops on health care reached new heights with his statement claiming credit for a provision in the bill.
by Fiegen US Senate to Retire Grassley
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As was reported earlier today on TPM, Senator Charles Grassley has sent out a press release taking credit for a provision included in the just-enacted Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care ...
by sam3am
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Sunday morning news was rife with talk from Republican leaning pundits regarding Health Reform; the Israeli insult to America and the so-called Justice Department defense of terrorist in ...
by Taming the FOX
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