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All the shit about, well all the shit has made me tired. I am a huge music guy. I realize this coming statement could spark a debate that could rage for a decade or so. But my favorite Beatles song.
by webranding
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There's a quote from Gandhi I love: "To a people famishing and idle, the only acceptable form in which God can dare appear is work and promise of food as wages." Read literally, it is humane and ...
by arlenegoldbard
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I met causebass in a comment thread. I mean it, that's where everything happens. I immediately thought, another Kossack that plays music. Cause I'm always looking for Kossacks that we can listen to ...
by hairylarry
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Hi, Considered by many to be The Grateful Dead's anthem, Uncle John's Band is more pro peace than anti war and is firmly rooted in literature. Come hear Uncle John's Band by the ...
by hairylarry
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lost in a Roman wilderness of pain —Jim Morrison This is ...
by blueness
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Just in case any of us may be getting soft on the Class War, sing along:
by x
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Here are some songs that reflect Democratic (and definitely not Republican) values – things like solidarity and helping out disadvantaged people when they are down and out. Here are a few Songs ...
by Dbug
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What kind of Art do your elected-0fficials enjoy? It really matters. Donald Trump has been known to call modern art a fraud perpetrated by those without talent. Trump ever heard of 'deconstruction'.
by Aidos
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Elvis Costello, that is. Deadheads know this as Elvis covered Ship of Fools and It Must Have Been the Roses on Deadicated and has been performing those songs live for a few years. Last night at ...
by Direwolf
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It was 1967 at Radio City Music Hall last night as Furthur paid tribute to the recently deceased Augustus Owlsey Stanley. No song written after the 1960s was played until the full Terrapin Suite ...
by Direwolf
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Known as Bear to Deadheads, Owsley Stanley was an incredibly important person in the development of the Grateful Dead and in the 1960s counter culture that changed the world. Owsley died recently ...
by Direwolf
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Owsley Stanley - '60s counterculture icon - ...
by mojave mike
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A bunch of my buddies have been going to Bonnaroo for years. I finally joined them in 2009. Pretty much five minutes into my first band, Gomez, I turned to another newbie buddy and asked, "what ...
by Direwolf
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I'm getting my shows in person in March and April when I catch Furthur at Radio City in NYC and in Atlanta at the Fox Theater. But for many of us Deadheads, the shows we get are just the ones we ...
by Direwolf
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*Welcome one and all to Shakedown Street!*
by m4gill4
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When I awoke the Dire Wolf, six hundred pounds of sin, was grinning at my window, all I said was "Come on in." You all are grinning and you are welcome to come in. I'd like to make this a real ...
by Direwolf
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When I awoke the Dire Wolf, six hundred pounds of sin, was grinning at my window, all I said was "Come on in." You all are grinning and you are welcome to come in. I'd like to make this a real ...
by Direwolf
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We are a community unto ourselves son why not gather here at Kos. With Furthur about to tour again and Bill K. doing lots of cool stuff it would seem we could talk about show reviews, exchange ...
by Direwolf
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I'd been poking around on YouTube, listening to weird stuff with dulcimers and banjos, and I decided I'd like some Grateful Dead. It wasn't two minutes later that this [http://twitter.com/
by Stranded Wind
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A special welcome to anyone who is new ...
by Kitsap River
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