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Originally posted at BillMoyers.com At the State of the Union speech, there's always more than meets the eye. Just out of sight is the reality of how we are governed. The House of Representatives, ...
by Bill Moyers
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There have been numerous diaries here on DK about how the hundreds of millions spent by Super PAC's and the campaigns this past election had so little influence on the outcome. It's not that they ...
by jusjtim35
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Black Friday is the single biggest shopping day of the year. And this Friday, all eyes will be on Walmart , the nation's single biggest retailer and employer. But ...
by Jon Perr
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Last night, Stephen Colbert revealed an incredibly corrupt and nefarious aspect of the Super PAC structure, a loophole that had previously gone unnoticed. In satirical tones, Stephen (with the ...
by David Harris Gershon
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This is the first Presidential election after the "Citizens United" decision, which determined that money was speech. Yet, look at the money, and where it came from , during this campaign! ...
by David B
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I am copying this to all my personal and political contacts, and the Executives and Board of Directors of Chevron Corp. I was a 42 year customer of Chevron until I read today that they donated $2.5 ...
by mondaymedia
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Uploaded with ImageShack.us This article from home town newspaper, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, highlights how the delay with the farm bill vote could be beneficial for Democratic Senate candidates ...
by poopdogcomedy
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Karl Rove wasting more of his friends' money. From an article noting the Romney campaign's new rightward shift: Rick Wilson, a Republican strategist and ad-man, said the case ...
by kos
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Oh noes! Conservative Super PACs are going to spend $500 million on attack ads, which may turn the race upside down in the stretch. Or so we've heard. But if all you have is crap to sell, it doesn'...
by doc2
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Remember the recent Republican Fund-raiser for corporate high-rollers -- the one where Karl Rove "joked" about "murdering Todd Akin" -- with next to no followup commentary. Well that was Karl Rove'...
by jamess
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As we watch the 2012 drought cover one-third of America and Arctic ice recede to record lows, we must remind ourselves that the barriers to climate progress are not technological but political. ...
by Victor Menotti
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Priorities USA Action is up with a brutal 30 second spot called "Scrap Steel," which profiles Joe Whitley, a 29-year employee of GST Steel in Kansas City, Kan. In the ad, Whitley criticizes Romney ...
by PorridgeGun
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Be sure to follow @...
by Mark Fiore
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I guess it must be the full moon, because the reprehensibly insane wing of the GOP (and I mean that by comparison) is out in force. We already have a birther Super PAC, as ably detailed by Crashing ...
by blue aardvark
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CNN is http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2012/08/02/first-on-cnn-rove-gillespie-hosting-joint-political-briefing-in-aspen/ reporting that Romney is violating Federal Laws that govern the ...
by keepemhonest
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So as Markos said, Obama is winning. Period. But I have a feeling the Republicans believe that their money, their billion dollar negative ad rollout, will turn things around. It won't. Here's why.
by mdmslle
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Even at a time of record income inequality , the lowest federal tax burden in 60 years ...
by Jon Perr
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At a $1.7 million fundraiser in Jackson, Mississippi , Republican presidential ...
by Jon Perr
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by Mark Fiore
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The super rich are pouring the money in and the GOP will swamp candidates for the Democratic party. If care about that read on. Ask yourself: Does money given to Super PACs influence federal ...
by pbmaise
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