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California law makers are trying to raise the smoking age. I say if you are going to do that, then you should consider doing something with the age at which people are required to sign up for ...
by tlcpro
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Throughout the United States, there is a massive push to enforce the legalization of marijuana. While some lawmakers continue to fight these bills, the cause has gained support like never before. In ...
by LovisaAlvin
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It has often been rumored, both in Ireland and in faraway countries, that some of the Irish are prone to consume too much alcohol. Indeed, some say that God invented whiskey so that the Irish couldn��
by Ojibwa
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If, in the distant future, some baseball historian were to come across the box score for the Cincinnati Reds' Opening Day in 2007 , he wouldn't find anything that seemed particularly noteworthy. On ...
by Virally Suppressed
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“Chick, Chick ! Come quick !” Ma Mockingbird squawked at her eldest son, Chick Mockingbird. “What is it, Ma ?” “It’s Pa ! It’s your Pa ! Someone threw him on a smoker or he’s ...
by Leah Sellers
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Still not as deadly as alcohol, heroin, or cocaine Scientific Reports has published a study on the risk of death associated with commonly used, ...
by Walter Einenkel
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Governor Sam Brownback, faced with mounting evidence that the debt in Kansas is not quickly to come to order, has been forced to seek new ways in which to help balance the state budget. In his ...
by Chris Reeves
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It was back in September when I wrote a diary about the difficult and what seemed hopeless situation my family found itself because of actions from the biological father of my step-daughter. I ...
by maninthemountains
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[UPDATED with a new title. Previous title was GOP: Peddlers in Dramatic Realism.] "Welcome to my web," said the spider to the fly. The GOP is a massive black spider and uninformed Americans are the ...
by Runic Yoga
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The recent events surrounding the NFL, and the violent acts of a few of their players, coupled with the lackluster response of the league, has once again tarnished football's image. But in some ways ...
by Brookston
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Link to AP Article Via Huffington Post Nothing to go wrong here: The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission on Friday announced it is mulling the idea of permitting alcohol sales at gun shows. It ...
by Village Vet
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23 Homicides in Hudson County-NJ in 2014 Note to drug dealers, invest in real estate instead of dope. ♥For Patricia and her Family♥ Friends way back when; friends then, friends forever. You ...
by rebel ga
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Michael Matthew Bloomer, June 19, 2014. The sports world and the other parts of the world learned today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Washington D.C. cancelled six of the Washington ...
by latestbloomer
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At The Last Real Indians , Ruth Hopkins (a Sisseton Wahpeton and Mdewakanton Dakota/Hunkpapa Lakota) notes the latest in-your-face racism displayed by students at the University of North Dakota's ...
by Meteor Blades
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Drugs kill at least 30% of Americans. You never hear this from drug policy reform groups because it shows that drugs are dangerous. And you never hear this from the government because it shows that ...
by allthatishuman
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I want to say something about smoking pot. I liked smoking pot. But smoking pot is not harmless.
by Al in NY
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Okay, so I was taking my daily hike today and there were these two chicks that I passed and I was going up this steep hill looking all cool, senior citizen jogging up hills and stuff and then I fell ...
by ZedMont
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I will take a break for this diary from commenting on legal funding/lawsuit lending, and the US Chamber of Commerce's efforts to deny poor people access to it for another bill coming out of the ...
by FreeMarkets
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Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) gave some incredible testimony directly to deputy drug czar Michael Botticelli, and it was highlighted on MSNBC's Last Word. He eviscerates the war on drugs unlike anyone I'...
by Jamaste
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I want to tell you about the most improbable machine in all of human history, a machine so brilliant that it has no moving parts. In fact, it works because it has no moving parts. Next to this ...
by KAMuston
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