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Oil Change International published a report which was discussed in this DK diary . The report claimed that 60% of the gasoline production from Gulf Coast refineries (in PAD 3) was exported from ...
by LakeSuperior
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Originally posted here Today is the three-year-anniversary of the event that changed life for so many of us here on the Gulf of Mexico: The explosion at BP's Deepwater Horizon rig off Louisiana, ...
by Stuart H Smith
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Originally posted here Sometimes it feels like conversations about the Gulf of Mexico -- nearly three years after BP's Deepwater Horizon catastrophe unleashed roughly 5 million barrels of fresh ...
by Stuart H Smith
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Originally posted here One of the least understood aspects of the environmental devastation caused by the Deepwater Horizon rig explosion and spill in 2010 is the role of the chemical dispersant - ...
by Stuart H Smith
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Originally posted here There's major news this morning for all of us who've been fighting to preserve the Gulf Coast in the wake of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon case:
by Stuart H Smith
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Skip to the bottom of the diary if you're looking for the latest info on Tropical Storm Debby. Please note that this is not meant as an attack on the National Hurricane Center. They are great ...
by weatherdude
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530PM EDT: As I'd suspected for a few days now, Tropical Storm Debby will miss Louisiana altogether and make landfall in the Florida Panhandle near Tallahassee over the next few days. The tropical ...
by weatherdude
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The National Hurricane Center still gives a 70% (high) chance of a low pressure area in the southern Gulf of Mexico to form into a tropical depression over the next 48 hours. The NHC hasn't pulled ...
by weatherdude
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The NHC gives this area of low pressure a 50% chance of developing into a tropical cyclone over the next 48 hours. An area of low pressure is sitting in the Yucatan Channel this afternoon ...
by weatherdude
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Two years ago today, an explosion on BP's Deepwater Horizon drilling platform killed 11 workers and marked the beginning of a prolonged environmental disaster now acknowledged as the worst in ...
by Michael Brune
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From the department of No One Could Have Predicted This (via Marketwatch) : ...an oil slick was reportedly spotted near its platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. In a statement, Shell said the company ...
by Reinvented Daddy
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Before Going on to the post below, note this except from US Congress' Joint Economic Committee's Report Iran's Oil and Gas Wealth :
by TheGrandWazoo
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Just in case you forgot, or wondered what the government was doing: U.S. prosecutors are preparing what would be the first criminal charges against BP PLC employees stemming from the ...
by Chris Reeves
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Politico has a nice piece up about the Republican party's plan to beat the Democrats about the head and neck on the price of gas. This doesn't have to happen. Progressives can win this fight if we ...
by sdelear
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By Megan Hagist, Media Consortium blogger One year after the worst oil spill in U.S. history began, key questions about its environmental impact remain unanswered. The 4.9 million barrels of BP ...
by The Media Consortium
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Remember that scene at the end of of Raiders of the Lost Ark ? It's an often used joke in cases like this, where does this stuff go, either evidence of extraordinary events or things that ...
by Ellinorianne
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This will be short, and SIAP, but this morning 2 independent calls were made to the Coast Guard, both reporting a sighting of a new oil slick. One caller estimated 0.5 mi sq, and the other reported ...
by hi5enigma
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Dauphin Island Sea Lab LYING for $5M from BP Dauphin Island Sea Lab said that the Dolphins are miscarrying and baby Dolphins are dying because of 'cold water'. SO I check the Ocean temperature ...
by Benedictine
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It's been almost a year hasn't it and I haven't written about Deep Water Horizon in months. But this is a headline that one cannot miss, it's one of those fears that so many had worried about. It'...
by Ellinorianne
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BP has apparently shifted from public relations mode to send-in-the-lawyers mode over its oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Remember all those commercials where friendly, concerned BP employees were ...
by quaoar
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