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And it looks like they let him write his [http://www.nbc.com/the-apprentice/about/contestants/rod.shtml own introduction]. Rod Blagojevich is the twice-elected former governor of ...
by CornSyrupAwareness
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Yesterday I started a series of diaries reviewing a recent book by Dorion Sagan:
by don mikulecky
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At the risk of being offensive, I have to note that we as Americans have a view of some natural functions that are, to say the least, out of the global mainstream. I will call attention to a couple ...
by boguseconomist
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I've posted from time to time that I didn't think a lot of bloggers understood Obama or how his operation works. I think that while Obama does believe in a lot of that hope and change rhetoric and ...
by Newsie8200
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Here's a little candid photo series about something some consider not so fun. Losing hair while undergoing chemo. At least, most folks seem sad about it as regards a few of the responses I've gotten ...
by exmearden
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After looking at the pictures of the first daughters in Russia, I realized the outrage on Freepers was not about her shirt, it was about her hair. A few comments within the freeper diary touched on ...
by sideboth
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Othniel here. Welcome to WGLB. One type of WGLB diary which generated a lot of interest last week was the News Roundup sort. So where do we go in search of our news? Gay Blogs, Kos, The Morning ...
by GLBT and Friends at Daily Kos
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I'm just saying! For a man who is on a TV, shouldn't someone tell him that his hair is a disaster? Watching last night, I thought JESUS, get the man a hair dresser. He has a comb-over, light ...
by Nicki6772
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Cross-Posted from The Almanack As soon as I saw a picture of Rod Blagojevich (back during the Dem Primaries) I knew he ...
by organicdemocrat
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WE will comment more on Ob's inaugural Inauguration later, b ut for now: see Chicago Sun-Times,
by David Boyle
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At the beginning of the Obama campaign, after the New Hampshire primary, I saw Mr. Plouffe for the first time on MSNBC. He struck me as a normal, thoughtful, even keeled guy with a balding ...
by independentvoice
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So I was watching tv tonight, watching John introduce Joe the No Show Plumber and I noticed something. It made me sit up a little straighter. I leaned a little closer to the tv. Could it be? I ...
by Clytemnestra
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Anyone ever here the old adage "you get what you pay for"? Well surprise, surprise, the McCain campaign is probably learning the meaning of that one right now.... The McCain Campaign'...
by drational
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This is for everyone who has been asked not to wear their Obama button. This is for everyone who has been told not to discuss politics in someone's house only to be subject to their right wing ...
by Texasblue
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In the interest of full disclosure, I am a black person of African American descent. I have light skin, “exotic” features and wear my hair in long dreadlocks. My husband is white and he ...
by terran
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A longtime friend of mine, a professor who deals a lot with media matters, reports that a media-analyst contact in NYC told him (yes, I know, this is all hearsay) to watch out for Sarah Palin's ...
by 1973ok
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Dear Dad, There is one critically important political issue I neglected to raise with you in our conversation last night. I hesitated not because it lacks importance, but, quite the contrary, ...
by soldofsky
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Five years ago I came to a really tough decision in my life. I gave up on my dreams of becoming a professional screenwriter, packed my bags, and left LA. I had just been laid off from my job. ...
by ThatPoshGirl
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Oh Where do I begin with this one ? So... there is this boy in ...
by plymouth
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William "Bet A Million" Bennett would have us believe that Senator McCain is horribly injured. McCain did not invent this story. "He can't raise his hands over his shoulders."
by vets74
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