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When I talk to people about our candidate for Congress here in the district, I ask them a simple question, "how long do we have to wait before someone tackles the poverty issue in our region?" I ...
by DudeInKY
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I know what you're thinking (I can read minds, you know). You're thinking "Progressives actually exist in rural Southeast Kentucky?", and my answer is "Yes, they do!" and one of them is running to ...
by DudeInKY
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I was so proud when I heard that my Congressman, Kentucky Republican Harold 'King of Pork' Rogers was dubbed the August "Porker of the Month" by Citizens Against Government Waste. Why, you may ask? ...
by DudeInKY
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Hello again to the DailyKos community! After a month long break from posting diaries, I again take pen (or, in this case, keyboard) in hand to introduce you to a candidate I am advocating for here ...
by DudeInKY
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Most people in Kentucky's 5th Congressional District, the second poorest district in the nation, don't know about Congressman Rogers and his deplorable voting record. We must make this ...
by DudeInKY
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So I've been posting for a month now on Daily Kos about our Congressional race here in Southeast Kentucky. Jim Holbert is our nominee for Congress and he is in need of your help. I hope you will be ...
by DudeInKY
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Congressman Hal Rogers of Kentucky's 5th District wants you to pay $5 Million to help Cheetahs in Namibia. Oh wait, he wants to help his ...
by DudeInKY
Comment Count 13 comments on Wed Jul 28, 2010 at 07:02 AM PDT with 7 Recommends
In politics, it's a constant effort to raise money. But when you're the underdog, who has no connections, it's like pulling teeth raising money. That's the kind of situation I'm in.
by DudeInKY
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We have an outstanding opportunity, here in Kentucky, to elect more and better Democrats to represent the Bluegrass State. Right here in the 5th Congressional District,
by DudeInKY
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I haven't written a diary in a few days, mainly because I've been busy planning a fundraiser for our Progressive Democrat running for Congress in Kentucky's 5th District,
by DudeInKY
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by DudeInKY
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You might expect Progressives to get a cold reception in rural Southeastern Kentucky. But the opposite is true. Wherever I go, whoever I talk to, our message is being well received.
by DudeInKY
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Will you spend just a minute of your time and go vote for Jim Holbert in Democracy for America's 2010 Grassroots AllStar endorsement?
by JimHolbertforCongress
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Greetings to everyone here at Daily Kos. My name is Halyn Roth, and I’m Jim Holbert’s campaign manager here in Kentucky’s 5th District. As I write this blog post, Kentuckians ...
by JimHolbertforCongress
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A few days ago, I posted a diary about the lack of response the Jim Holbert ...
by ekyprogressive
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Today is the Money Bomb Day For Ky-05 progressive candidate Jim Holbert. I was hoping to get a little bit of help trying to take ...
by ekyprogressive
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I am a volunteer for the Campaign of Jim Holbert , who is running for Kentucky'...
by ekyprogressive
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Republican Representative Hal Rogers of Kentucky's 5th Congressional District ...
by ekyprogressive
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Crossposted from Hillbilly Report. The House of Representatives voted today to shift student loans to the government freeing up $80 ...
by RDemocrat
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Gov. Steve Beshear is making a move to take over the Kentucky State Senate by appointing Republican State Senators to high paying state jobs. He appointed Charlie Borders to the Public Service ...
by SouthernINDem
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