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I’ve heard some rumblings about an increase in the national gas tax. Ok, we are going to need revenue, but to tax a necessity of our lives whose base price is controlled by a consortium of ...
by Arkydem
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Oil fell to below $60 a barrel today and below $59 in after hours trading, sending shockwaves throughout an industry that has seen its returns ...
by greggp
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Susan Collins was asleep at the switch when it came to overseeing contracts awarded to the likes of Haliburton, KBR, and Blackwater during the first three years of the Iraq war. The problem is, she ...
by NoThirdBushTerm
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John McCain doesn't know what the price of gasoline is. His wife admits that the only way traveling around her home state of Arizona is by private plane. So when Barack Obama suggested that ...
by Dirk McQuigley
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[User imabluemerkin ] recommended that I repost this after the convention, and I agreed with his assessment, so here it is.... I'm surprised that ...
by Laughing Vergil
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The problem with the 'left' in America is that they don't want to play the game any more. They refuse to accept the fact that democracy in America has been co-opted by Big Business and it is now ...
by Max Keiser
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Coming soon, courtesy of BIG OIL and their (bought and paid for) man in the White House, George ...
by Kaptain Karma
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OK, what I really don't understand is how a slip of this significance does not get traction in the media. As far as I'm concerned, this one is really big. It ought to be the headline on every ...
by yaddab
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by Shawn in ShowMe
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For anyone who missed this on Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" last month, here is blimptv.net's political satire on the future of American currency under the Bush administration after martial law is ...
by goldkeyrealty
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As many of you know Kosovo declared independence from Serbia yesterday, and today the U.S., Britain, and France became the first countries to recognize Kosovo. The speed with which the chimp ...
by DrKate
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It's getting pretty rough out there. ((youtube 7M-cmNdiFuI)) I have had my doubts about Kant myself, and wonder if he will play that well on Super Dooper Tuesday.
by greggp
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Wealthy Tax Exiles Hail IRS as It Generously Extends Deadline For Offshore Corporations to Report “Assets Stripping” Until After Bush-Cheney Leaves Office Put this is the ...
by leveymg
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First, the facts. The intertubes are getting clogged. You Tube, my space, video and music transfers, on top of ever more users spending more time on the net contribute to this mass of digital hair, ...
by agnostic
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It's really that simple. There are 180,000 military contractors in Iraq. Let's stop paying the war profiteers -- Blackwater, DynCorp, Haliburtion, etc. -- and this long bloody, budget-depleting ...
by KillsApathyDead
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Remember the "good old days" when our country had the respect of the world? Remember when our diplomats needed only a small contingent of US military, usually Marines, to "protect" and "secure" them ...
by goldkeyrealty
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DC is hot. Anybody who counts is on vacation. As Cheney might say, that all changes on Labor Day. Most people know the facts. Some are already claiming limited success for a failed surge. Failed, ...
by LWelsch
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A few weeks ago, I shared a widely circulated DC rumor: Dick Cheney was a client of the DC Madam. Dick "John" Cheney on her List Too?
by KStreetProjector
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The slave labor built 592 million dollar Fortress America in Iraq may never be safe to occupy.
by FishOutofWater
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