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We're living in exciting times when one of the most iconic symbols of our culture gets on board a blast into the 21st century. Ari Phillips brings us the good news from Think Progress/Climate On ...
by VL Baker
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Usually, the GOP explains its hatred for unions as picking sides. In one corner, the corporation sits whining that it doesn’t want a union pressuring executives to more equitably share the fruits ...
by Leo W Gerard
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They came from many parts of the world. They must pass by my street that is situated and runs mere feet from my window to reach their nest. With a seriously damaged and battered heart I can only ...
by Ole Texan
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Uploaded with ImageShack.us Besides Judge Simpson voting down the voter ID laws, I have some more good news coming from Pennsylvania. Senator Bob Casey Jr. (D) is back out swinging with a brand ...
by poopdogcomedy
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Here are some non-partisan Facts, that explain: Why Walkers proposed cuts to Public Employee Pay -- will do more harm, than good. Cutting Public Employee Pay won't "Fix" Wisconsin's ...
by jamess
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Harley Davidson, that most American of American automotive companies, reported that, due to its 84% profit loss, that it'...
by Hannibal
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Update : Check out the Obama radio ad on Harley's and McCain's hostility to buying American (...
by MAL Contends
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Tomatoes Are Like Motorcycles By David Glenn Cox Across the vast wasteland of the American dreamscape there is one who dare not show his face. Considered meaner than the lowest child molester ...
by Daveparts
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Here it is folks; home away from home to 40,000 U.S. troops and contractors for decades to come. Think we're ever leaving Iraq? Think again. With little fanfare and barely a mention in the ...
by markthshark
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A very good friend of mine who goes by the handle Charlie Ransom got a subscription to a motorcycle magazine for me called Cycle Source. He rides in a motorcycle thrill show called the Wall of ...
by panmandan
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by phreebass
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