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Welcome to the Overnight News Digest with a crew consisting of founder Magnifico, current leader Neon Vincent, regular editors side pocket, maggiejean, wader, Man Oh Man, rfall, and JML9999. ...
by side pocket
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Musical harmony cannot be sung by one voice alone. ... a unique metaphor for community. Growing up in a home that had no television 'til my teens, my nostalgia is older-fashioned than the ...
by mettle fatigue
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An important part of daily life among many traditional American Indian people was—and for many still is—the maintenance of harmony. Harmony is about living with other human beings and non-human ...
by Ojibwa
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Hello and welcome to this Special Edition of Street Prophets. This is an invitation to you to share your words which will be shared at NN13 through the Interfaith Service: From ramara:
by BlueJessamine
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The Purpose of most Native American ceremonies is not worship. Ceremonies are a celebration of and a renewal of the partnership between human beings and the spiritual world. Native American ...
by BlueJessamine
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The only natural collective relationship is that of interconnection between all beings of the cosmos.The only natural collective identity then is that of the universe. The only natural collective ...
by daveylee
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I won't link to it; but there is a certain website. I think it's name rhymes with BedHate or TedSlate or something. It lies somewhere on the other side of the aisle of compassion and reason. On a ...
by Hammerhand
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This 4:59 length video is phenomenal... stunning ... and gutwrenching. Five minutes. Please go to the youtube source and view it full screen. "She's Alive... Beautiful... Finite... Hurting... Worth ...
by Lady Libertine
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This is a re-post of a diary I did a long time ago. Some images for a ...
by plf515
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"In a musical context, the word dissonance is defined as ‘a combination of tones contextually considered to suggest unrelieved ...
by boatsie
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Let's do things differently this time. Let's go STRAIGHT to the music and then talk about it afterwards (or while you're listening.) Prelude to the opera Tristan und Isolde by Richard Wagner, ...
by Dumbo
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Last week I said that music is a game, with rules, and that we need to know what the basic rules are before we can start breaking them! Today we'll to talk about the objective of the game. But ...
by Dumbo
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No! Dumbo! Don't go into the light!!! In keeping with our habit of presenting famous romantic ...
by Dumbo
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by boatsie
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Americans think that where knowledge is concerned, more is always better. We don’t believe there are things we would rather not know, or things that only some of us should know--just as we don&#
by AllMargolis
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I love the Olympics, and I really love the opening ceremonies. They give me hope that some day we will all progress past the "me first" attitude of "better us than them" which causes so much pain ...
by CIndyCasella
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Sometimes, it behooves us to take a moment unto ourselves for quiet reflection and contemplation, where we can behold once again the beauty and wonder of a world teeming with brilliant life in the ...
by GreyHawk
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DR. KING = CHAMPION OF ANTI BIGOTRY, LEGACY AND STRUGLLE LIVES ON 40 Years on, Who would have thought that a black male would be so popular in a presidential hopeful bid? How well is his ...
by Suzie777
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