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Just wanted to remind everyone that we will be having our Democratic Senate District Conventions everywhere in Texas on March 22, 2014. You can find and register at your SD Convention place here: ...
by krwheaton
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This will be a quick diary to let Texans, in the Harris County area, know that we are looking for Precinct Chairs for many Precincts.
by krwheaton
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Harris County Sherrif's office member takes blood sample from handcuffs used to restrain the dead man Are you having trouble making sense of the headline? A family called 911 for help, emergency ...
by Heavy Mettle
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For anyone that is serious about Texas becoming a swing state, and eventually being won for Democrats, this is a MUST READ. I had the opportunity to sit down with Lane Lewis , chair of the Harris ...
by TexasLeftist
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If you needed another reason to doubt the efficacy of the Texas criminal justice apparatus, here's this. Grits for Breakfast, a deep-fried, Texas-centric blog, has reported on this potentially ...
by Grizzard
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Harris County is Houston, known better to you and I as the American death penalty capital. But I'm not writing about state-sponsored punishment today. I want to write about something else, and that'
by Grizzard
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It's not often that something happens at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center that makes me smile. It's even less common to see something, in this capital city of the heartless Texas justice ...
by Grizzard
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Multiple news outlets are reporting that at least three people are seriously injured after a shootout took place in the library of a north Houston community college today. The incident took place at ...
by Grizzard
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If there is ever any wonder as to whether your vote - every vote counts, consider this - Romney may have won Texas, but the win in Houston, Texas went to President Obama who won 579,070 votes to ...
by facingreality
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I get a fair amount of Hispanic-targeted mail based on my husband's Mediterranean surname. Most of it goes into the recycle bin immediately, but this piece brought some cheer. It was: Paid for by ...
by cassandracarolina
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Fostered by my interest in the Occupy Wall Street movement and angered by the recent use of violent force to tear down the occupations expressed well by Professor Juan Cole ...
by DRo
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What has previously been a a good relationship with the City and the Houston Police Department came to an end last night when ten were arrested. At approximately 11:00 PM, HPD arrested ...
by DRo
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Please excuse the brevity here, but I thought this worthy of a diary. :P The Houston Chronicle is reporting: Talk about your Monday from hell. Not only did Bridgett Nickerson-Boyd's car ...
by DRo
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Can you name the starting lineup of your favorite sports team? Most people can’t. Studies indicate that most people can remember 7 things plus or minus 2 (i.e., 5 to 9) at a time. Thus, most ...
by ahl
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No doubt you have heard about the suspicious fire that caused All voting equipment ...
by DRo
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After All voting equipment for Houston, Harris County destroyed in 3-alarm fire ...
by DRo
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Officials: All voting equipment for Houston, Harris County destroyed in 3-alarm ...
by DRo
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Yes, you heard me, Houston, Texas is now blue. Houston joins the ranks of other blue Texas cities, namely Austin, Dallas, and El Paso. See a a trend? Well, you should. All of the largest ...
by otheruser
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I arrived at my Harris County Precinct 0551 polling place, Hassler Elementary, just before 8 AM this morning. The line was about 150 people long, but moved fairly quickly. When I was about 100 ...
by qtab
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This is my first diary, and you know, with polls starting to match people's excitement about Obama and pundits talking about 60 Democratic Senators, sometimes I feel a bit left out because what ...
by evan7257
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