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Banding season is underway. This is the time of year I live for. I like the migration, like getting the odd day to head to the coast or into the delta... got to spend a day at Pt. Reyes weekend ...
by lineatus
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I know it's been a while since I last posted. There are a myriad of reasons for the temporary hiatus: ACL music festival last weekend, getting work done for classes, registering voters, and so on. ...
by Texas Revolutionary
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If you dislike the idea of Evan Bayh on the Democratic ticket this November, join together on Facebook against him. Writers welcome you.
by prestochango
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Birds ...
by juliewolf
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Let's IMPEACH them, NOW! I pray this to honor every Iraqi child who was blown into redness for absolutely nothing -- other than happening to be born on oil-soaked sand -- in order to satisfy a bunch ...
by stoneecash
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In this great post on the Movement Vision Lab blog, grassroots activist Dan Horowitz Garcia argues that if there is a peace movement (and he ...
by sallykohn
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With 68 percent of the American public disapproving of the president’s management of the war in Iraq and global ...
by American Progress
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Perhaps, like me, you're less than convinced that any of the leading presidential candidates can be trusted entirely to adopt a mature foreign policy, however essential. Perhaps you're wondering ...
by smintheus
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The other day I was on my way to go running -- I am determined to start competing in, or at least finishing, some 5Ks -- when I heard a loud ruckus in the sky. A murder of crows (that's the official ...
by quaoar
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Are editors of the Los Angeles Times ready to fire Jonah Goldberg? Or, do they need a permission slip from their Chicago masters in Chicago? Exactly two years ago, Los Angeles Times ...
by Alex Walker
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After reading Edwards' and McCain's respective speeches (phoned in via satellite) at the Herzliya "war conference" near Tel Aviv several days ago, I honestly can't see much difference between the ...
by Compound F
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Talking heads and pundits are important. They set limits on what we talk about, and help define "good" and "bad" political ideas. Pundits and the press are supposed to protect us by finding out the ...
by Toadvine
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The worst element of the Hawks and those that push for escalation, eternal occupation, and never ending war is this fixation on "victory" and "success," while never defining what that is (except the ...
by agorabum
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The Los Angeles Times has published a fresh, silly column about the Iraq War by Jonah Goldberg today. I want to write a letter-to-the-editor asking them why they insist ...
by Alex Walker
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by KLee themedianstrip
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by another American
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