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Have you ever wondered why the Republican Party is attacking Chuck Hagel? Simply put … the GOP is mad at Chuck Hagel (a Republican from Nebraska) for supporting Democratic Candidate Bob Kerrey ...
by Dose of Tequila
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Did you catch this? As we continue to analyze the Mother Jones video of Mitt Romney speaking at a private fundrai$er to top elites, we want to hone in on when he stated: ”….we’re having ...
by Dose of Tequila
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Can you feel the fire and passion at the DNC? There is no question in my mind (as a woman) that Julian Castro’s speech was from the heart! In fact, his speech gave me chills (and hey….I’m ...
by Dose of Tequila
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An anonymous direct mail hit piece has been flooding my district. On one side, it says I accepted money and paid trips from "insurance companies" and voted to cut $716 billion from Medicare -- the ...
by Raul Grijalva
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Smashing Pumpkins eloquently wrote: "Today is the greatest day I've ever known..." Today is DAY ONE for DREAMErs (DREAM Act youth and children) that may apply for Deferred Action under these ...
by Dose of Tequila
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As an Independent registered woman, several of us here in Arizona are trying to moderate our State as we continue to fight Tea Party extremism. Requesting the Democratic ballot and supporting good ...
by Dose of Tequila
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The Tequila Party -- the Latino answer song to the now-
by dancepartner30
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