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With the performance by both the Democrats and the Republicans over that past several weeks, it’s definitely time to change back to an Independent! Never in my near 70 years have I seen such a ...
by reallypissedoff
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With the passage of the health care bill hanging by a thread, the purity trolls are posting diary after diary saying, in effect, "this bill sucks, but we should pass it anyway". In the process, ...
by Diesel Kitty
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Last November, Blue Dog Congressman Allen Boyd voted against the landmark Health Care Reform bill passed by the United States House of Representatives. Like many of you, I ...
by Blue Dog Dont Hunt
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By Lindsay Beyerstein, Media Consortium blogger Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has laid out a strategy to pass health care reform in the next couple of days by allowing the House to vote on ...
by The Media Consortium
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Friends, It was amazing. Every story on the front page of Monday's New York Times told the story of the Age of Greed during which a system known as capitalism is slowly, but surely, killing us: ...
by Michael Moore
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Just announced on Countdown. I will post more with more info but that's basically all that was said.
by theone718
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The media frenzy over Eric Massa is eerily similar to the media assassination of Howard Dean (remember the “Dean Scream”?), as the MSM and even the supposed “liberal” network ...
by poplist2003
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They hope for social disaster, so that society will turn to them to rescue them. That would explain why Nader is willing to sabotage Democrats, why Republicans are freezing the Senate, and why ...
by Thutmose V
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This week President Obama asked Congress to stand strong and finish the job of fixing our busted health insurance system. I couldn't agree more, and now we've got a plan to get this done.
by Al Franken
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Thanks to Workforce Magazine for publishing an excellent piece on the great cover up on healthcare affordability ...
by Andiamo
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Believe it or not, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer's "Truth Squad" segment actually did some genuine journalism tonight re: Bart "Don't Look At Me, I Only Rented A Room On C-Street" Stupak'...
by dasheight
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Shocking news, just shocking. I should just say "well, duh". While I don't think that the information below will come as a huge surprise to most of you, I do enjoy seeing it spelled ...
by Julie Gulden
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This is such an incredible "groaner" that I can hardly believe it. Picture this, Coakley's race is swirling the drain. We all sat at our computers and read diary after diary about how to salvage ...
by Julie Gulden
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News has it that Obama is going to propose a freeze on all "non-military ...
by thefourthbranch
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I'm not sure if Carol Shea-Porter is right but she sure offered some food for thought in the clip below. If she's right, then Snowe and Collins better get with the program because they could have ...
by Julie Gulden
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(Footage purchased from Sam Sumner, originally posted by Will Urquhart at Sum of Change ) As you may be ...
by SumOfChange
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Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) has now opened the door to passing health care reform through the budget reconciliation process, a position that he famously opposed prior to this week's special election in ...
by StuHunter
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The Brown defeat of Coakley in yesterday's Massachusetts Senate race is being spun as a huge loss for Democrats. But why? Democrats still have a hefty 59-41 seat majority. The only reason this ...
by achilles
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I must say that I was excited about the prospect of using the reconciliation process to push through a robust health care bill without having to worry about Lieberman, Nelson, etc, etc.
by TomK1960
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Massachusetts has become famous for electing supposedly "moderate" Republicans who have revealed their true colours upon taking office and aiming for still higher office (think Mitt Romney, folks). ...
by Spamalot01
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