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Tara the Antisocial Social Worker wrote a marvelous diary for Top Comments two nights ago, with musings on the original Star Trek and Spock, ...
by BeninSC
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On Monday, a panel of NASA's space program scientists announced their estimation of finding life outside of our planet within the next twenty years. And even this estimate is a conservative one. ...
by Gwennedd
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Dear Daily Kos Community: Last week, I started a super mini series on general points to consider regarding immigration law and the CIR debates. There was limited interest expressed for me to ...
by Yonkers Boy
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Dear Dailykos Community: May 3 marked my third-year anniversary as a member here. Since joining, I have not looked back. I really dig this place--good and bad. I lurked for a long time, and ...
by Yonkers Boy
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Tom the Dancing Bug. BE THE FIRST ON YOUR BLOCK to see Tom the Dancing Bug every week! Members of the elite and prestigious INNER HIVE get the comic emailed to their inboxes at least a day ...
by RubenBolling
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It's been 33 years since Alien released in theaters and this summer Sir Ridley Scott returns with a prequel titled Prometheus. Watch the trailer and you will weep that you have to wait until July 8.
by Anton Bursch
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The answer to the question posed ...
by Doctor RJ
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Following on from Mr Blask's excellent ruminations on the Moose about population growth and Sci Fi dystopias it failed to deliver, ...
by Brit
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With all the talk about civil rights, nonsensical right wing versions of such, and utter confusion about who can do what, I believe its time we put an end to this, once and for all. To this end, I ...
by kamrom
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This started as innocently as it possibly could. I was sitting around with friends and somebody asked if any of us had ever seen the color skin the John Boehner has. We all thought of it trying to ...
by wilbur
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(Nacogdoches) While President Obama vacations with his family in Martha’s Vineyard, an elaborate plot has been uncovered by alert gun & religion-clinging Texans that would turn America into a ...
by freshrant
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I'm writing this for two reasons: 1. There haven't been too many blogs on what an actual immigration plan should or shouldn't look like. 2. "OMG Arizona NOOOOOOOOO" sounds a lot like the GOP ...
by Liberaltarianish
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After Alien (1979) appeared in theaters, a coworker observed that every compassionate decision made by crew members was the wrong decision. That signal isn’t a warning beacon. It&...
by Robert Urbanek
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There follows questions centered on ifs. Clue: I have no answers. Short list below the fold.
by Riddlebaugh
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In 1995, I was accepted to Harvard from the former "Eastern block". As an eighteen year old, who lived through the perestroika and the subsequent velvet and not-so-velvet revolutions, I had roughly ...
by savova
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Go see it!
by Nathan Jaco
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There’s a famous piece of music – you’ve all heard it and yet I would bet that most of you don’t know what it’s called or who wrote it. Well, I’m going to put ...
by Animeraider
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I was never a fan of Michaell Jackson. First, you couldn’t tell whether his music was soul or pop or disco. You couldn’t tell whether he was a child or man. Soon, you couldn’t ...
by The Reverend and Doctor Omed
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Ok, this isn't a diary about electing more and better democrats. It's a diary about collective wisdom. If you are going to complain about the topic then please hold your fire. The DKos regulars ...
by Crabby Abbey
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MAIN ARTICLE: Of Aliens, exoplanets and the Drake Equation. Taking a look at the Milky Way Galaxy and how to calculate the number of possible civilizations. A new paper ...
by Vladislaw
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