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The term race patriotism is not one that is used directly in race-related conversations. Nevertheless, conservative politicians and their supporters have been using it indirectly against President ...
by melshim
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(InArtsNW) Photo by Mark Taylor-Canfield The Problem It's no surprise that affordable housing for artists is disappearing across the US as most cities continue to experience rapid development.
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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In case you haven't heard, the GOP won big on Tuesday. We have responded by wailing, gnashing of teeth and rending our garments. All appropriate responses. Some have moved on to speculating what the ...
by vickijean
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"My only regret is that Mitt Romney wasn't able to lower my tax rate." Looks like former ...
by Jed Lewison
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Kos : Republicans could've shared in the credit by working with Democrats to pass what was their Heritage-designed plan . Kos: We weren't about to hit the streets to celebrate a Heritage Foundation-...
by Red Tom Kidd
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Dear god, Heritage has gone beyond stupid . How Obamacare Will Try to Control What You Eat Did you ...
by kos
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Jim DeMint, lamenting the results of that thing called "democracy" Heritage head Jim DeMint : Yes, I can hear many conservative friends saying to me right around this point:
by kos
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The owners of the Republican Party may be making their move. Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham told reporters he wants to defund "Obamacare," but he doesn't want this to be tied to the debt ...
by TomP
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I have no idea why the media has not "followed the money" Follow the Money: All the money leads back to Koch Brother's organizations. Ted Cruz is a conman who is gaming people with this ...
by keepemhonest
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Deaf Awareness Week is celebrated the last full week in September to commemorate the first World Congress of the Deaf by the World Federation of the Deaf in September 1951. Some of ...
by raina
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Every day is a new day and with that, a new opportunity. EVERYONE is welcome and please join us each morning at 7:30 AM PACIFIC to tell us what you're working on, share your show & tell , vent, ...
by paradise50
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Politicus USA is calling Rush Limbaugh a 'Right-Wing Welfare Bun' saying he subsidized by the Right-Wing. Given the week's dismal news that 95% of advertisers ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Heritage Foundation's in-house racist, senior policy analyst Jason Richwine As you may already know, turns out that one of the authors of ...
by kos
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There are two stories of my name. Growing up I was given the Gaelic version. The European heritage matched the narrative of my face: eyes that faded to gray-blue in spite of my mother’s campaign ...
by CayceP
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The figure above illustrates how a Microsoft Excel coding error and other methodological fails led Harvard economists Reinhart ( former Bear Stearns vice president ) and Rogoff to grossly mis-...
by aguadito
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We are a curious species. Inquisitive by nature. Explorers. Builders. Destroyers. We are a mélange of cultures, a panoply of colors and styles, a discordant chorus of voices. We are of a ...
by GreyHawk
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Good evening and happy Saint Patrick's Day! First a quick introduction Welcome to Brothers and Sisters, the weekly meetup for prayer* and community at Daily Kos. We put an asterisk on pray* to ...
by duhban
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So here we are again approaching St. Patrick’s Day, that time of year when I find myself filled with ancestral pride. And also with burning fury at the little cabals of conservatives who believe ...
by fenway49
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Those of us who are old enough remember that in 1998 there was a late push by Clinton and Gingrich to reform SS, and what it entailed was some raising of the age and partial privatization. But whats ...
by ai002h
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DeMint press conference (file photo) The reactions on this one are almost unanimous: Nearly _everyone_ is damn glad to see Republican Jim DeMint (head bitter crank among bitter old cranks, ...
by Hunter
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