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When I recapture the buoyant sculpturing of humanitarian dreams of grandeur — nothing as miniscule as Reagan’s borrowed City of Light Upon a Hill, but rather a majestic, magical refuge, an ...
by The Reasonable Voice
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Patriotism is a difficult thing. There is nothing wrong in taking pride with your country, after all, but there’s a line between patriotism and blind ‘rah rah’ for everything your country does.
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Yes there was a war raging in Vietnam but Rick Scott was on a ship selling soda to his shipmates at double the price. This greedy one was cruising around making money off his fellow servicemen.
by Vetwife
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A woman with a nice, honest face . A humble hero. A story with a happy ending: In an interview on ABC’s “World News with Diane Sawyer,” Tuff said she worked to convince the gunman to put ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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Tennessee Titans rookie linebacker Jonathan Willard has proven he’s not just a Titan on the field. Willard, 23, who received a $2,000 signing bonus from the Titans as an undrafted free agent, ...
by Richard Riis
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What is a hero? What constitutes heroism? Who is worthy of the label? I suppose it's all relative. People tend to have heroes who reflect those values that they themselves hold. Ghandi, MLK, Rosa ...
by Beetwasher
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Perhaps being born in 1916 to a farming family on the prairies in eastern Kansas where a child needed to be a amateur yet resourceful mechanic, carpenter and veterinarian through brutal winters and ...
by JaxDem
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Torah reading: Leviticus chapters 9 through 11. Haftarah: 2nd Samuel 6:1 to 7:17. Today I'm going to focus on the Haftarah reading, which describes how the Ark of the Covenant was brought back to ...
by Eowyn9
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The tiny band of adventurers was weary and footsore after crossing a vast wasteland. It had been fairly easy to bluff the zombie army into letting us through, and the guardian of the magic sword had ...
by Jane in Maine
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A fellow Kossack asked about the man I call My Beloved. When I sat down and wrote a bit about him, and me, and us, and our life together, they suggested I publish this as a diary. It is my first ...
by The Marti
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The events of September 11th, 2001 weren't life-altering to me. I simply was too young- I had just turned eleven when it happened, and the odd circumstances of where I was (away from news, ...
by Kazmarov
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Heroes are people who do heroic things. Sometimes they are soldiers. Ironically, soldiers decorated as heroes are sometimes uncomfortable in the role, realizing that what they had done was done out ...
by ZedMont
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I have been both a scientist and a political activist for most of my 76 years. But the situation regarding Michael Mann is very different. I just finished a very moving experience reading The ...
by don mikulecky
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Last night Eureka, CA police tore down Occupy signs, injured and arrested at least one peaceful demonstrator. Another demonstrator was also injured. I received email from Jack Nounnan of Occupy ...
by Catskill Julie
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To the black bloc "Anarchists", I would like you to listen closely to the gentleman in this video at the 3:17 mark . . . he has something important to say . . You can see people in this video ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Hello, Officer. I try to respect you. And generally, I do . I’ve needed you, been glad to see you, still have a few friends and family among your ranks here and there. Even when I don’...
by Satyrblade
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Hello, Officer. I try to respect you. And generally, I do . I’ve needed you, been glad to see you, still have a few friends and family among your ranks here and there. Even when I don��
by Satyrblade
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This story has slipped by most news sources, including Daily Kos, to my astonishment. I guess the background noise has been too much, and as for the MSM, the heroes didn't fit into the usual mould. ...
by sagesource
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"And any parent that is proud their kid is signing up to be a murderer should not be able to complain when they die, or are maimed or commit suicide. You can't have it both ways." ~ ...
by debstover
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Tell Attorney General Holder to be a hero: Investigate. Or, Resign. "Our government authorized the use of torture...secretly ...
by SJerseyIndy
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