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It was both the youth vote and Latinos that helped get President Barack Obama elected in 2008. One is still hanging in there and the other has real reservations over what he has done for them. ...
by NastyJack
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The Hispanic population is much larger than the only other major demographic group which is growing at a comparable rate, Asian Americans. McCain won 31 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2008. The Pew /
by Vote4Obamain2012
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Despite some hard feeling about a record number of deportations ...
by tomwfox
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What's up, New York Times? When Republicans are of color it is a novelty worthy of headlines -- but when Democrats of color legitimately promise to change the political landscape?
by thingsthatfall
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There used to be something called the Solid South , which was characterized by no or extremely restricted voting rights for blacks and an ...
by Cartoon Peril
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Yep, the Republican Party seems to have bit the dust.
by FightingRegistrar
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The Latino community came through strongly in favor of Barack Obama and helped turned previously Red States into ...
by cafecito
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See I told you. I can very happily and proudly say: I told you so! http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2008/11/05/us/politics/20081104_ELECTION_RECAP.html Looking at the ...
by TexMex
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This story is about my wonderful wife and her efforts as a Hispanic to elect the first African American president, it will require a bit of background. The Exodus My wife has what ...
by Phil In Denver
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Time for a Hispanic / Lation vote update and the storm that is brewing in Nov. We have some fantastic new nubmers from critical swing states, follow below the break.... These slipped under my ...
by ourhispanicvoices
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Obama is still crushing McCain in the Hispanic / Latino community. It seems that McCain has gotten nothing for all his spending the past month. Those of you familiar with my diaries ...
by ourhispanicvoices
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"There is a fierce behind-the-scenes battle for influence over presumptive Democratic candidate Barack Obama's Hispanic and Latin American agenda," and some Democratic ...
by Florida Politics
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This has been a historic election already and could shape up to be more historic if that is even possible. Everyone seems to be interested in the election this year. Young, old, black, white, and ...
by ourhispanicvoices
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The past couple of months we’ve seen the Hispanic issue evaporate in front of our eyes. Individual states started to give us a glimpse at what many knew would come, but the media loved the ...
by ourhispanicvoices
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Let’s see if the media finally gets the message. I applaud Olbermann for his acknowledgement of this key number in the poll NBC released. For those who don’t know, an NBC News / ...
by ourhispanicvoices
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For all of the copious amounts of discussion regarding the "white working class" voters or the "Reagan Democrats" in the media, you would think they constituted 80% of general election ballot-...
by ObamaManiac2008
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Producer Andres Levin, who worked with Will.i.am on the now famous "Yes we Can," video has lent his hand to another great piece. I’ve ...
by ourhispanicvoices
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Need some help.... Yesterday a report hit the net that McCain was looking for bloggers to infiltrate sites across the net. We’ll today I’m recruiting bloggers to post, ...
by ourhispanicvoices
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OK, I know there are no big contests left with a significant Hispanic vote unless it get's all the way to Puerto Rico (personally I think it's over by then), but this was just too good to pass up.
by MaverickModerate
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I posted a diary late last night that dealt with how Hispanics / Latinos would be loyal to either ...
by ourhispanicvoices
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