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I recently saw a study that said that when people actually use their policies their attitude toward the ACA becomes more favorable. This has certainly been the case for me. Things did get rocky ...
by Istillhope
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California insurance giant Anthem Blue Cross misled “millions of enrollees” about whether their doctors and hospitals were participating in its new plans, and failed to disclose that many ...
by McCamy Taylor
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I have known Opal for five years. In that time, her health has gone from not too good to pretty bad, but she is hanging in there. Or rather, she was hanging in there. Now, she's hanging by a thread.
by McCamy Taylor
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I signed up for an HMO to handle my Medicare account. I got what I wanted, and I still have a lot of questions or stuff I don't want to think about. I don't pay anything, ZERO, nothing. So where do ...
by 88kathy
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I was recently in Florida to take care of my 89 year old mother and I have to say that the lack of compassion amongst her doctors and practically everyone who works in those offices is appalling. ...
by Mom to Miss M
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Amazing. Absofreakinlutely amazing. I mean, with Florida's governor having a history of Medicaid and Medicare fraud, it's amazing that Florida fined Humana $3.3 million for not reporting Medicaid ...
by JDWolverton
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It's been some time since I first posted on DK my "Tales of a Family Doctor". I hope this isn't ...
by doctoraaron
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Washington D.C. -- It's hard to imagine that a briefing on rate regulation ...
by Consumer Watchdog
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By Lindsay Beyerstein, Media Consortium ...
by The Media Consortium
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My friend's son was strangled from behind in his 8th grade band class until he passed out. After determining that this appeared to be entirely random and without provocation, the strangler was ...
by catherineD
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I hear a lot of people talking about "public option" and various other ways to keep the insurance companies in the loop, and I know that few of them seem to realize that the very concept of ...
by Andiamo
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I had one hell of a ride yesterday. I fell ill very suddenly during lunch (I already had a bit of a cold) and took a cab to go see my doctor. Downtown San Francisco, so it just made the most sense. ...
by Animeraider
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Those among us who are familiar with the Bible will recall that Jesus Christ himself was an active member of the health care community as he travelled about the Holy Land. It is reported that he ...
by fake consultant
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The public option for medical insurance is an important part of our desired reforms, of course. But at best it's a weak compromise, not single-payer. And the odds are that if it goes ahead, it'll ...
by K S LaVida
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Doctor Linda Peeno, a renown expert in the field of "Managed Care", explains to Congress the dirty little secrets behind the Business of Health Care Denial: THE REAL DEATH PANELS: ...
by jamess
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Barack Obama , Feb 19, 2008 Well, The System's Broken [...] Certainly I don't accept, in the richest county on Earth, that we ...
by jamess
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My views on this issue are shaped by my experiences, as with most people. Particularly, they have been shaped by working as a lawyer, and before that a law clerk and low-level functionary in the ...
by John Minehan
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What Percentage of Your Health Care Does Your Company pay? It’s a good Question, right? Well in the need to fight for a strong public option or single payer (in light of the news that’s ...
by Excelscior1
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Got Blue Cross Blue Shield's Summer 2009 Newsletter today. Open it up, and in addition to the usual stuff everybody should already know about, there's this:
by Bilabial Fricative
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So my story is not the worst, not the most meaningful, and certainly not the most politically important. I have had much more serious hospital stays and injuries in my life, here and abroad; one ...
by jon the antizionist jew
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