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The ideas just keep on coming when you shop at SkyMall. There are hundreds of new products being introduced every day. Consumer diarrhea suffering shopaholics can scratch every consumer itch. ...
by John Crapper
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I just heard this on CNBC, and it made be pause to think: Is Keynesian Economics really that simple? If you are having a Pizza Party and twice as many hungry people show up, than you were expecting,
by jamess
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I've recently become a fan of the A&E show Hoarders . Never much for reality TV, the first time I saw the show I thought it was profiting on people's tragedies. But I have since figured out that the ...
by shaggies2009
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Words cannot describe my horror, our horror, as my children and I were out and about, listening to NPR, waiting for our favorite Friday shows to come on, as we drove to our various errands, and the ...
by GreenMother
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How many of you garden? That many? Wow, then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.
by Noddy
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Seriously? Are the Caymen Islands big enough? I cannot even imagine a trillion dollars (let alone a million dollars). I have enough problems just hanging on to my 12k a year from those who want a ...
by roseeriter
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...as I tied off the 75th contractor bag full of old clothes, children's toys, and random stuff, to be sent to Goodwill. "No one should live like this. It's not healthy for her mind or her body." ...
by Alexandra Lynch
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Originally posted at Talk to Action. I based the title of my last post,
by Frank Cocozzelli
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Right here in North Carolina, the State where I stand, poverty has left its mark. Some people say that if these Americans are poor, it is their own fault. I have even heard others say ...
by Frank Cocozzelli
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Hoarding. I've been hoarding. Like my tiny grandmother who would stuff sporks and condiments into her purse by the fistful whenever she went to fast food restaurants. Lately if I hear bad news ...
by Muskegon Critic
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My mother was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. She is going to need chemo, radiation, and surgery. Unfortunately her Medicare part B has expired which means she has no outpatient coverage. ...
by Rezkalla
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Clutter is comforting to some people. I understand that. I have pack rat tendencies, but that doesn't mean I keep everything. There are limits. That said, we still have too much stuff. Then, ...
by JDWolverton
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It seems like the blustering politicians have been complaining a lot about economic systems lately. They brand people inappropriately ( and for ill intent ) as Socialists, and they laud ...
by WNYmathGuy
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The first words spoken to us as we crossed the threshold from our world into theirs were, "Please, don't judge us." We walked into the house and our eyes began to tear from the ammonia. The stench ...
by cany
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Anyone who has worked in or been associated with the fire service likely knows exactly what my title suggests. Anyone who is a stranger to the fire service, or who does not go around looking for ...
by iampunha
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Fifteen years ago, give or take a few, I walked into my grade school library. The librarian was new, and I was curious. But in the way children are curious about what their parents and other people'...
by iampunha
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