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We at CADministry et al (I being et al) know that dinosaurs were really dragons. Just look at the komodo dragons that are still with us! Stop forcing my kid to read about dinosaurs at school. Show ...
by gnosticator
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The book “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven” is being pulled from shelves by its Christian publisher after the boy the book is based on has admitted it’s untrue. The boy, Alex Malarkey, was ...
by MiAtheistGal
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I remember how disappointed I was back in November, 2000. An intelligent, science-minded candidate splitting the vote so closely with a old spoiled rich kid who showed serious evidence of ...
by oddmike
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Rather than try to hide the fact that I royally flubbed up earlier today, I've decided to admit my mistake to the Daily Kos community, apologize, and say thank you for catching the error so quickly.
by Leslie Salzillo
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It's another morning and it's time to weed through the various emails, postings and messages that came through the night and early this morning. I make no secret of being a liberal these days. So, I ...
by JDWolverton
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Fox 2 Detroit's pixelated image of a dead goat Last night, Detroit’s local Fox News affiliate shamelessly ran a report that engaged in speculative conspiracist fear-
by Doug Mesner
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According to the Laurel Leader-Call , that horrid story of a scarred 3-year-old girl being asked to leave a KFC in Jackson, MS...is a hoax. It would seem that none of the family's story can be ...
by wesmorgan1
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The controversy started with a post on the Facebook Page Victoria's Victories. It read: 'Does this face look ...
by murphthesurf3
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I think today we should all remember that on January 20, 2009 (inauguration day) GOP House Leaders & GOP Senators plotted to sabotage the US Economy along with failed candidate for President, Newt ...
by keepemhonest
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As ThinkProgress reported Monday, the future of correspondent Lara Logan at CBS News is very much up in the ...
by Jon Perr
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I think we should all remember that on January 20, 2009 (inauguration day) GOP House Leaders & GOP Senators plotted to sabotage the US Economy with Newt Gingrich and GOP Propaganda Minister Frank ...
by keepemhonest
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KosAbility is a Sunday 4pm(Pacific time) community series by volunteer diarists, as a gathering for people living with disabilities, who love someone with a disability, or who want to know more ...
by scribblingTiresias
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As you'll probably remember from earlier this week, I posted a diary proclaiming a viral social media story about a massive, paralyzing, historic winter storm to be a hoax designed to drive page ...
by weatherdude
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Last Tuesday, resident Kos weatherperson weatherdude made front page news by proclaiming that rumors of a mega winter storm for a major part of the US were, as he proclaimed in the headline... a ...
by dweb8231
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I wrote a diary yesterday which one could diplomatically summarize as a primer in not spreading misinformation through social media because it can dupe thousands into believing something that is ...
by weatherdude
Comment Count 55 comments on Wed Feb 26, 2014 at 07:05 PM PST with 139 Recommends
There's rampant speculation around social media right now that there's going to be a historic, blockbuster winter storm that affect over two-thirds of the United States east of the Rockies next week.
by weatherdude
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After the latest debunking of an Obamacare horror story, the LA Times' Michael ...
by Joan McCarter
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Action was taken today by the New York radio station K-98.3 against Morning Show hosts Steve Harper and Leeana Costa. The duo has been suspended for making up the story about a bigoted response to a ...
by Steven Payne
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The nasty RSVP scribbled on a birthday party invitation for a little girl hosted by her two gay dads turned out to be a big fat lie dreamed up by two hosts of a New York radio program. The note ...
by Steven Payne
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At times in our society we may believe that we are ...
by Tool
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