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All the Big GOPers do it. They squeal and cry. They feign weak knees. If it's Boehner, there's tears. All over four dead Americans in Libya. They sell the image of helpless Americans, killed by towel-
by waterstreet2013
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Benghazi !! Benghazi !!! Benghazi !! Benghazi !!........ Republicans sound sorta like Rudy "9/11" Giuliani. But they've substituted "Banghazi" for the "9/11." Thing is, the numbers for Obama and ...
by waterstreet2013
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During Fox's pre-Super Bowl show, President Obama sat down to chat with Bill O'Reilly. During that interview, Obama may have--at last--opened the trap door under both the winger fringe and its ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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In their frantic attempt to either 1) deny they are waging a war on women or 2) win the non-existent war, the Republicans sent out a woman to give their response. At least it wasn't Michele Bachman...
by databob
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I think we should all remember that on January 20, 2009 (inauguration day) GOP House Leaders & GOP Senators plotted to sabotage the US Economy with Newt Gingrich and GOP Propaganda Minister ...
by keepemhonest
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So, after reading all the comments on my initial diary about Reagan, found here , I realized that to take out Reagan's image is a serious challenge. Reading comments by conservatives on the Internet,
by Seanryan
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It looks pretty bad in New Jersey right now. Anonymous sources are now indicating that Chris Christie may be resigning Thursday. He has now gone into hiding and in damage control and will not speak ...
by Cartoon Man
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President Obama has had the absolute worst, most-horrible, unspeakably-terrible year of any president in the history of the republic. The year 2013 was worse for President Obama than the year 476 ...
by Craig Hardegree
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I have been a long-time reader of the Daily Kos and have never created my own diary before. I guess I never had anything worth saying or maybe I was worried that it wouldn't be well received. ...
by Seanryan
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I have to admit, this was very fun to write. Bloomberg.com just reported Limbaugh's radio daddy, Clear Channel, is even more in debt. Some of Limbaugh's most loyal sponsors are evacuating his show.
by Leslie Salzillo
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Rick Perry is the governor of a state that has the highest percentage of uninsured. After the full implementation of Obamacare in 2014, many will remain ...
by Egberto Willies
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This "disturbing story" about Obamacare was all the rage the last few days: Baby not covered under ObamaCare family plan [with Photo] by Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein, nypost.com -- December 1,
by jamess
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In 2010, the GOP steamrolled to its House majority by scaring the bejesus out of seniors about $716 billion in Obamacare cuts to Medicare. Three years later, House and Senate Republicans are ...
by Jon Perr
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Jeb's stood by dumber things. No, President Obama is not "closing America's embassy to the Vatican." You are stupid. Oh, but the polite thing to say would be _you are in error_ or ...
by Hunter
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There could be a bug in there. ...
by Joan McCarter
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Governor Rick Perry forced to the negotiating table on December 12th Great article out of Dallas concerning Medicaid expansion, Turn Texas Blue, and the general sense of panic in the Republican ...
by Cartoon Man
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This hoax is fresh out of the Limbaugh pie hole. Harvard professor Noel Ignatiev is a demon from Hell. Perfect mate to hoaxes claiming manifestations of Sharia Law in the Midwest. Thing is, this is ...
by waterstreet2013
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I never met you, Mr. Demos, but I'm already tired of you. Pfft. The Republican challenger to Rep. Tim Bishop (D-NY) is airing a ...
by Hunter
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Josh Romney tweeted the world yesterday about his heroic act of “saving” four people who were in an SUV that crashed into a house yesterday in Salt Lake County Utah. http://www.nydailynews.com/...
by Pragmatus
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in Obamacare’s Secret Success he tells us that despite the problems and complaints it is working in one key regard, holding down the growth of medical spending, or as it has been described, ...
by teacherken
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