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Quick diary to prevent knee-jerk reactions. Oxi, over at FireDogLake, noted this in the news: If a retailer has not gotten ...
by Moo Means Hello
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(Also posted at SEIU.org ) In the fight for the Employee ...
by thsisnotanexit
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Corporate elites are about to do what they do best. Close ranks and wage unrepentant class warfare against a core Democratic constituency. Do you care?
by Xiphias
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An interesting point of view from the founder of big box store Home Depot, Bernie Marcus, explaining how enforcing labor law will lead ...
by try democracy
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I'm amazed at the amount of negative press in the Wall Street Journal and other pro-business rags against the Employee Free Choice Act. Today, the founder of famed big box store Home Depot speaks ...
by try democracy
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That's it, I've had enough. We now know about lead in toys. They say it was a mistake. We know about date rape drugs in toys, again they said it was a mistake. But, there is no mistake ...
by TheNumbersGuy
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I just wanted to make some basic mathematical observations about today’s Home Depot news, perhaps pointing out some mileposts in our ongoing national decline. (Discussion below)
by Minerva
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Originally published on Citizen Orange Instead of trying to get through to anti-migrant advocates, I thought I'd bring attention to the leaders that ...
by kyledeb
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Just a quick diary here, but Bob Nardelli has been named the new CEO of Chrysler. If ever there was a bad appointment for a top US company, this is clearly it. The selection of Nardelli,
by corwin
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Below the fold is correspondence from and to Home Depot concerning any advertising dollars they may spend Bill O'Reilly's way. The response is OK (.... "Please also note that The Home Depot has a ...
by ProduceMan
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The Progressive Democrat Newsletter grew out of the frustration of the 2004 election. After much pressure from readers, this email newsletter is now going the blog route. I update the blog once a ...
by mole333
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As the nuclear dust cleared following O'Reilly's DKos blitzkrieg, Lowe's indicated they were pulling their advertising support. Next, the environmental community used the occasion to turn up the ...
by PDX Dem
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If you haven't read Atul's response to people who've written to Home Depot asking them not to advertise on ...
by dave1042
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Well, that's what they're telling me. Anyone else get an Email like this?
by patriot spear
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It's simple really. Support Bill O'Reilly or you take our minds off being an Environmentally Conscious company. Wait! What? Yes, it is true. Home Depot cannot walk and chew gum at the same time.
by YucatanMan
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Home Depot is really scraping the bottom of the barrel, planning to use psychics to spread their message. They claim not to have had significant protest calls yet, so it is time to get moving. ...
by MakeChessNotWar
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What moved Lowe's to pull its ads from the Bill O'Reilly hate-fest? Could it be that targeting Home Depot for its support of the ...
by David Waldman
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Now that Lowe's has dumped O'Reilly, I think it's time that I dump Home Depot for Lowe's. So here's the letter I wrote to Paul Raines, Home Depot's Executive Vice President for U.S. Stores, letting ...
by angry young man
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Quoth I, Dear Home Depot, Looking at my personal financial records, I see the following breakdown for home repair and improvement expenses since 1/1/2004: Lowes $3500 Home ...
by Morgan in Austin
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� copyright 2007 Betsy L. Angert This is the Twenty-First Century, ...
by Bcgntn
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