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I recommend all homeowners visit the website: www.MakingHomeAffordable.gov You are asked to answer 4 or 5 questions to determine your eligibility for either refinancing or mortgage modification.
by Rainy Day
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Love thy neighbor.
by MinistryOfTruth
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So, as you probably know, a couple weeks ago, President Obama signed into law a bill offering relief to homeowners. The legislation generally offered incentives to banks to help the homeowners if ...
by gsadamb
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Call your Congressional Representative and ask for him/her to put homeowners before banks by voting for HR 1106. Use your own words when you make the call, but here's an easy script to give you an ...
by Jamie Sanderson
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I've been seeing a lot of fur fly here over Obama's homeowner 'bailout'. It seems many of the people who rent their abodes are extraordinarily upset that the, obviously irresponsible people, who ...
by freemark
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Let's review the "sharp" analysis of Rick Santelli with respect to Obama's mortgage foreclosure rescue plan: Rick Santelli (Feb. 2009): "The government is promoting bad behavior."
by Murchadha
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As usual the right wing crazies are out there talking about how unfair it is to save these horrible scum of the earth from foreclosure. It amazes me that with $75b committed towards this effort ...
by aboutmri
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While the Wall St. shills are screaming about the government spending millions to help struggling homeowners avoid foreclosure the Fed is quietly planning to give ...
by FishOutofWater
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You are all acting like two year olds who think it is unfair for naughty Johnny to get a treat, too! We will protest the only solution to our economic woes. We are a self-...
by War on Error
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Following yesterday's signing of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, President Obama flew to Arizona, and ...
by Barbara Morrill
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As I have mentioned before, I do taxes for myself and a few friends and relatives. Several of these folks have taken advantage of the first-time homebuyers refundable credit/loan. Basically, a first ...
by crowbar317
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Yes, scrooged, that's what the middle class will get if they are not given some kind of help to keep their homes. We can all debate how this happened but homeowners are merely one part of the ...
by Ellinorianne
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From the LA Times this morning, homeowners in a community hit hard by foreclosures are banding together -- I'd call it unionizing, although it's probably just sharing information -- to negotiate ...
by indigoblueskies
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Barack Obama said today that much of the remaining TARP funds must be used to help home owners: WASHINGTON - President-elect Barack Obama signaled a clear desire Wednesday to use a ...
by TomP
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We've seen plenty of credible reports and diaries pointing out why markets have no confidence in the current style of "rescue", where banks and Wall Street get "bailed out" but individuals' home ...
by David L
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The NY Times calls for a bottom-up approach and this ...
by spotthedog
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Analogies are never perfect, but here's one using horse racing. Don't expect a perfect correspondence to the banking situation, but I think it is close enough for government work. Joe goes to the ...
by robertdfeinman
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I'm putting this e-mail to my Republican Congressman in diary form to both keep a record for my own use and to offer some talking points that you might want to put into your own letters concerning ...
by Julia Grey
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This is a crosspost from the AFL-CIO Now blog . Only a few months ago, the Bush administration repeatedly bashed attempts by ...
by Tula Connell
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In the wake of Katrina and Rita, many insurance companies are now considering people who live in the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, Long ...
by Eternal Hope
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