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"The People" are watching!
by meepdog
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by aoeu
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this is one of the best videos of naked jumping i've ever seen - actually, it is the ONLY naked jumping i've ever seen! enjoy, folks - and notice that this competitor has an awesome seat! ;)
by edrie
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H.0.R.S.E. Rescue and Sanctuary Must Close was the title of a diary from January, 2012. linkie The inevitable has happened, my friend Mike Dodge has passed, but not before finding another ...
by weck
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Hello and welcome to the Wednesday edition of Street Prophets. A couple of days ago my son and I were out for a drive around Corvallis when we began traveling behind a car that had an unusual ...
by BlueJessamine
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  Original Post & Video Here Bill Maher ...
by Egberto Willies
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Horse Slaughter Bill Introduced in Oklahoma Oklahoma State Representative Skye McNiel has served up a horse slaughter for human consumption bill for Oklahoma, HB1999 , despite ethics issues she ...
by meepdog
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The headline for the article says it all: Pastor 'cures' gay teens by getting them to stroke horses The Cowboy Church of Virginia, led by chief pastor Raymond Bell, believes homosexuality and ...
by coolelegans
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For those, like me, who may have a coronary thinking about debates,polls, idiots, lying and coulda woulda shouldas... Unattributed Chinese Folk story: link This is a real favorite for times like ...
by Ask 4 Questions
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Archaeologists don’t know for sure when or where the horse was first domesticated. It has been often assumed that horses were first domesticated about 4000 BCE somewhere in the Asian Steppes. The ...
by Ojibwa
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To my shock, I learned recently that the Paul Ryan plan for Social Security includes scrapping the entire system (basically), BUT ALSO giving every retiree a monthly sum -- the same sum for everyone.
by IdeaTipper
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Nope, not a twit -- I mean whit...
by flitedocnm
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In remarks shared with Olympic athletes in London today, Michelle Obama made fond mention of her father, Fraser Robinson III, who was an aspiring athlete until he was stricken with MS and lived the ...
by thingsthatfall
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In a move that has sent shock waves across the world of academia, Harvard Business School today announced Rafalca had been admitted to its class of 2015. “For decades we have been slaves to ...
by eaglebreath
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I grew up following horse racing. An afternoon at the park with my dad often meant Aqueduct or Belmont, which was only natural since he was a gambler. I know how to read a racing form, and ...
by Woody25
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Torture is Legal in New Mexico There is no law protecting horses against abuse in New Mexico. Horses are EXEMPT from the New Mexico Animal Cruelty Law. Yes, You Can: . . . Poke your horse’s ...
by meepdog
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Why Not Ban Horse Slaughter in NM by Executive Order? New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez has stated publically that she is against opening the proposed horse slaughter plant in New Mexico: ". . .
by meepdog
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The H.O.R.S.E Rescue and Sanctuary in Pavilion, New York must find new homes for its rescues. Chris and Mike Dodge started the rescue in 1993 and moved to make it a non-profit in 1996. They have ...
by weck
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This is a simple request arising from recent news. Please read the entire diary before weighing in. It is very short. Please respect my wishes for direction to the comment thread. I would like to ...
by hillbrook green
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Yes, you did read that correctly. No, I am not making this up. I am sick over this. I just cannot believe it. Seventy percent of the population is against such a law, and despite a 2008 ...
by schoolpsyc
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