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While the United States government will continue to maintain its policy of refusing to pay ransom for hostages held by terrorists, it is considering allowing family members to communicate with such ...
by disinterested spectator
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From the Guardian: 42s ago 16:36 Police raid siege locations There seems to have been a coordinated and decisive response to the two hostage situations in France. It appears that the Charlie ...
by Lawrence
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All the hostages appear to be OK. [see updates below] The three holding them hostage have been killed. Congratulations go to the Gendarmes and the general police forces. http://www.france24.com/en/
by LaFeminista
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French intervention police are seen at the ...
by Barbara Morrill
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A woman is seen in a window of the ...
by Barbara Morrill
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OND Editors OND is a community feature on Daily Kos, consisting of news stories from around the world, sometimes coupled with a daily theme, original research or commentary. Editors of OND ...
by side pocket
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American hostages have been brutally ...
by Jon Perr
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THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 20, 2014 Statement by Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Lisa Monaco on Attempted ...
by Transcripts Editors
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The violence in Ukraine has now spread to Kyiv. The Ukrainian Interior Ministry (MVD) has released a statement on a shooting near Kiev this morning. According the the MVD, local police received ...
by Eternal Hope
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Despite the fact that the Russians are dealing in bad faith and there is renewed Russian aggression in Ukraine, the White House and the EU are split on further sanctions on Russia. This is despite ...
by Eternal Hope
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After my family returned from three years resident as temporary workers in Israel, my mother told me to write a book about the experience. Israel provides a wealth of material. American Jews who ...
by Andrew Lazarus
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J. P. Morgan banker on debt default repercussions Calling the money markets as 'fickle as a rabbit', Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase spoke Saturday cautioning people (I read "republican hostage takers"
by xxdr zombiexx
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Received this e-mail from Senator Kay Hagan (D. NC) who is calling out the GOP's hostage politics:
by poopdogcomedy
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from the Washington Post : SUWANEE, Ga. — Four firefighters who responded to what seemed like a routine medical call were being held hostage Wednesday by a gunman who has barricaded himself in a ...
by ridemybike
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I often tell stories here, never told this one. Watching all the shit yesterday and now today on Capital Hill I just need to say this. When I moved to DC after grad school I didn't know anybody. ...
by webranding
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While hard news is still scarce at this time, a day after it started, the hostage crisis at the Algerian gas plant in Ain Amenas has escalated to another level with some sort of raid having been ...
by Jay C
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From The New York Times : PARIS — Islamist militants seized a foreign-operated gas field in Algeria early Wednesday and took 20 or more foreign hostages, including Americans, according to an ...
by ericlewis0
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The real battle is not about the fiscal cliff/bunny slope. Taxes are going to go up if there is no deal and Republicans will pay the price for a middle class tax increase. (I hope any passing of a ...
by TomP
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In a bizarre story about the budget negotiations on NPR this morning, reporter Tamera Keith described the resolution of the negotiations as "the Democrats released the hostages"! What the hell is ...
by pollwatcher
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Two American students held prisoner in Iran were finally freed today .
by jpmassar
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