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The next time someone tells you we need to run government "more like a business", ask them "Are you SURE you really mean that?" Because odds are they really haven't given any thought to what that ...
by xaxnar
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"Smart investment, wise regulations and fair taxation are the things that restore economic confidence in the Real World". Paul ...
by Superpole
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DUH! you may well say to such an obvious statement - but it's NOT obvious to the Very Serious People running the world. The Pain Caucus School of Economics & Socio-political Sadism answer to what ...
by xaxnar
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Co-authored by Jesse Lava Everyone seems to be investigating Charles and David Koch lately, with exposés of their corrupt political behavior popping up in places like the New Yorker , AlterNet , ...
by RobertGreenwald
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A new post on Alternet by University of California - Berkeley professor and author of Don't Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate George Lakoff (and described in ...
by Panacea Paola
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Sara Robinson put up a new piece at Alternet yesterday that should give pause to every die hard Red Stater who still has any working brain cells. Ayn Rand Worshippers Should Face Facts: Blue ...
by xaxnar
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(Originally published as my final story on Examiner.com )
by Bill Schmalfeldt
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On the same day that I read the gut wrenching article in the November Harpers by Ed Vulliamy entitled ‘Broken Britain’ that details how Britain went from relative prosperity to a country falling ...
by Deena Stryker
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as he writes in his column titled The Occupy protests: A timely ...
by teacherken
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By Robert Greenwald and Derrick ...
by RobertGreenwald
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AlterNet has this story, which details how peace activists across the country are gearing up to grab stacks of Cheney's book upon its release and deposit them in the crime section of local bookstores.
by David Harris Gershon
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Yesterday I wrote a short diary asking “where are the young people?”, ...
by notdarkyet
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I have been hearing, ad nauseum, this argument, everywhere I turn. The wealthiest Americans shouldn't be taxed anymore, even through the closure of loopholes, because they are the ones that employ ...
by coquiero
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The front page article at Alternet.org is titled "Would We Be Better Off If John McCain Were President?". Written by someone named Fred Branfman. So, naively, I clicked on it, thinking it would be ...
by Mohner
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Welcome to the final edition of The Wavelength, a bi-weekly roundup of news and analysis focused on media policy. Stay tuned for more reporting on the ongoing impact of media policy ...
by The Media Consortium
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by Eric K. Arnold, Media Consortium blogger Local coverage and diversity are in short supply in today's media landscape--especially when it comes to broadcast and cable TV. But there is ...
by The Media Consortium
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by The Media Consortium
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is Teach For America: From Service Group to Industry by Rachel Levy. It went up at Alternet this ...
by teacherken
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by Eric Arnold, Media Consortium blogger Another day, another media mega-merger. The latest? Microsoft is buying Skype, the Internet phone company, for $8.5 billion.
by The Media Consortium
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by Sarah Laskow, Media Consortium blogger The biggest news for the environment this week might just be that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took pains to add a couple of green touches to ...
by The Media Consortium
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