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And the comments that don't quite get hidden; the Tip Jars that disappear and the diaries that vanish from the face of the earth Recent List, or never make it there in the first place. Welcome to ...
by serendipityisabitch
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I need feminists to tell me what they think about: 1) Female genital mutilation 2) Punishing rape victims 3) Honor killing 4) Strapping bombs to children 5) Sexually enslaving women 6) Murdering ...
by zedpower
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Big Pharma receives a lot of money due to some mandatory vaccination policies. I would think that by now people would be smart enough to follow the flow of large amounts of money and figure out for ...
by Ann the Pan
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They say that while Rome burned Nero fiddled. In our time period we could say that while Mother Earth burned Oilbama enabled and endorsed human rights atrocities to be committed with our tax dollars ...
by barleystraw
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Nearly every night, Daily Kos is regaled by a spam diary or two. And DKos seems to have developed a team of Spam Busters. A group of users who stay up late, find those spammers, and bojo, ridicule ...
by Gwennedd
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Monthly Stats and DK Glossary (work in progress) are below the curvy orange thingy September Recap Hard to write about endings rather than beginnings, but we ushered in the month with a loud and ...
by serendipityisabitch
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You mostly know that the past 20 months haven't been easy for me. I've had to make a new life for myself as a single gay man after four decades of being part of a couple, which I diairied, and, ...
by Dave in Northridge
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He is sexist. He has denigrated more than a few women here. Second, he is disruptive: if his precious feelings are hurt he will proceed to hurt anyone who doesn't coddle him. He has been a ...
by BoiseBlue
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Jews are from Palestine, Arabs are from Arabia. All you frothing anti-Israel lunatics in the US are occupying Native American land. _You_ are the interlopers. Look in the mirror and see the ...
by blue sky
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[http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/12/04/1260066/-Alert-Art-V-Convention-Threat-Grows-Dec-7-2013-Assembly This legitimate diary by RenMin,] posted Wednesday, has found its way to the rightwing ...
by blue in NC
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by MIster Bungle
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All's quiet on the overnight front, it seems.
by Murphoney
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Goodbye and good riddance!
by TornP
Comment Count 242 comments on Sun Aug 11, 2013 at 08:02 PM PDT with 2 Recommends
After making the fantastical claim (but as yet not giving any actual evidence) that the NSA's surveillance programs are easily and commonly abused -- that "any analyst" could spy on any American, ...
by Reggid
Comment Count 324 comments on Tue Aug 06, 2013 at 10:07 AM PDT with 24 Recommends
Jesus is always praised for his “sacrifice”, but, what really did he give up? He went from this shit-hole earth to “heaven.” Give me that deal any day of the fucking week. “Sacrifice” ...
by Laffy
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Welcome, New Users, to Daily Kos. This Diary is intended to help you orient yourself to the site and ask questions about how to use it. In the Body of this diary you will find some links ...
by LaughingPlanet
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As one who has almost never used a donut ( though I did faux pas as a newbie and HR'd some in my own D's in the beginning - for offensive language ) - I feel that LasertheLiquidator ( ...
by laserhaas
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