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A newly released ABC poll reaffirms what many Progressives have known for sometime -- the Democratic Party is in trouble. With two-and-one-half years left in Obama’s presidency, the American people,
by praenomen
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Joan McCarter did a great job summarizing the press conference ( here and here ) while it was happening - but it's really worth looking at the whole speech.
by xaxnar
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Texas Governor Rick Perry is taking strong exception to a cartoon published in the Sacramento Bee. Philly.com has picked up on the AP story by Will Weissert . The two panel cartoon shows Perry ...
by xaxnar
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Welcome to the end of Week One in Sequester World, accurately described as a "self-inflicted wound" at a time when the economy is still weak. But it is more than that, more than just a ...
by xaxnar
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Short and sweet, David Atkins breaks the Republican economic strategy behind their lies into its four stages: the Grand Lie . It's a model of accuracy, brevity, and clarity. I'm taking the liberty ...
by xaxnar
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It's been obvious that the conservative dead enders who've assimilated the party formerly of Lincoln into some weird chimera of Jefferson Davis and Ayn Rand are having trouble coming to terms ...
by xaxnar
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In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we're getting some direct benefits from the huge investments in our military. While it's easy to attack the vast amounts of money that the Pentagon consumes,
by xaxnar
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[NOTE: Naked Capitalism Publisher Yves Smith has provided written authorization to the publisher of this post to reproduce her blog’s original content in its entirety for the benefit of the ...
by bobswern
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So over the course of the past few days a sort of story arc has unfolded, where on the arc we are at now is anyone's guess, but here is my take. Due to the absolutely terrible field that developed ...
by Ecclesiastaverbs
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Occupy Wall Street has been attacked for not having a clear message, not having a list of specific demands, not having a defined leadership or spokesman. Which also means that it's been ...
by xaxnar
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While there doesn't seem to have been a lot of mainstream media coverage ...
by xaxnar
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I’ll be the first to admit that I have no idea where the Occupy Wall Street movement ultimately is going or how it intends to get there. ...
by swellsman
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Over at Digby’s , in a post titled Killing Credibility , David Atkins writes: In the absence of any sort of political and economic ...
by swellsman
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After reading a disturbing post from David Atkins (thereisnospoon) over at Digby's on the shape of ...
by xaxnar
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