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Sign of the times: An IBM executive says the company is considering a plan that would reduce the company’s full-time head count by 299,000 jobs – to 100,000 – by 2017. Source: ...
by quantumspin
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According to ComputerWorld, IBM has stopped reporting its U.S. employee headcount. The company, which is the largest U.S. technology employer, will report only global headcount numbers in the future.
by quantumspin
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Michael Panzner over at the Financial Armageddon blog (ignore the doom-and-gloom name of the place, the guy writes some good stuff and is frequently quoted in the MSM and online) posted an ...
by bobswern
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Cross-posted at River Twice Research . With a slew of major companies reporting earnings so far, it’s clear that expectations were severely skewed to ...
by Zachary Karabell
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[ member of DK Greenroots .] If the biota, in the course of aeons, has built ...
by Nulwee
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I've been in the IT business for over 25 years. When I started in the business, the buzzword was how the "Knowledge Economy" was going to replace our industrial workforce here in the US. What no ...
by railsplitter
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I thought I'd heard everything. I understand taxpayer anger about AIG bonuses, and the anger coming from Michigan today, but this takes the cake. Can we please get our pitchforks out now? In all ...
by Clues
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In this country, if you don't push paper financial instruments around on your desk, your skills are devalued and possess no market value. American labor is being ruthlessly reduced to irrelevance by ...
by The Lighthouse Keeper
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If we send Congressional stimulus money to off-shore workers, how will that help the U.S. economy?
by bink
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This diary starts with the IBM slogan, as viewers were exposed to it in the telecasts of the NFL playoffs this weekend, and speculates on what it would really take to "build a smarter planet." Thus ...
by Cassiodorus
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Perhaps, it’s just fanciful thinking on my part but I can’t help but believe that the walls are slowly closing in on the White House, regarding the missing emails. Their latest [...
by markthshark
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The AP article over the fold neglects to mention the union reaction to the IBM paycut. IBM is one of the few tech companies to have a union, though that union is not powerful enough to negotiate a ...
by try democracy
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IBM recently reported record earnings, but they're cutting the base pay of their workers. IBM riles employees with base pay cuts BOSTON - Even as IBM Corp. reports record profits, ...
by Sick Of It
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According to Big Blue's (IBM's) just released report, Plugging in the Customer , the results of a global poll showed that not only do people say that they are willing to pay more for green ...
by A Siegel
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Not content with slashing it's American and European (i.e., middle class) workforce with a noticeable age-biased ...
by Info Tech Guy
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Bob Gringely today reported on the internal inside mumbles that IBM Global Services is going to ...
by BobOak
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by StormingAmerican
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by xaxnar
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