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It shouldn't surprise anyone that a 2 year old shot himself playing with a loaded gun 0r that 5 or more people injured or dead in chicago from gun violence,not when the loaded gun has become the new ...
by blackribboncampaign
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Police in Iceland shot and killed a guy the other day (search "Iceland" on Google News). He had a shotgun (presumably because Iceland doesn't really have a big old smorgasboard when it comes to ...
by oldpotsmuggler
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Washington Post reporter Chris Davenport was asked by his editor to buy a gun. Follow Davenport's journey as he navigates the practical and moral issues of purchasing and owning a handgun in D.C.
by LilithGardener
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This diary is part of a series about gun law and policy in Washington D.C., which has arguably the most strict gun laws in the nation. Buying a gun in Washington DC begins with obtaining a ...
by LilithGardener
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Wouldn't you know: The very gun-centric organization that rails against any law allowing the government to keep gun ownership records keeps its own secret gun ownership records on many millions of ...
by rlegro
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Just a quick note combining two disparate situations. The first, is the NRA and their adamant refusal for allowing background check expansions due to that being a back door to registration. The ...
by b33mm3up
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First the latest attempt to silence Gun Safety efforts, of one of the movements most prominent spokespersons: Bloomberg Ricin Letter Linked to Gun Control Effort VOA News, May 29, 2013 New York ...
by jamess
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Well..have been taking in the outright nuttiness from the right on background checks for gun purchasers and the fear...no, that's not it...the paranoia that is oozing from these folks that ...
by jadevol
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Sometimes it comes down to how much you want something. Enough to interrupt and change your routine, or just enough to shrug your shoulders, and sigh "Oh Well." Lawrence O’Donnell has challenged ...
by jamess
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which seems to be the issue being used to attempt to block universal background checks. Let me note 1. I am not and have no desire to be a gun owner 2. I have no problem with responsible ...
by teacherken
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Uber-Conservative Scalia (ugh) in a recent Supreme Court ruling, has left a LOT of wiggle-room for "sensible gun restrictions" -- Who knew? Senator Feinstein knew. The Senator referred to this room-
by jamess
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Exceptions are good. Exceptions are usually where the logical fault-lines lie. Hmmm? I wonder what they are ... Feinstein and Cruz Fight About Guns by Amy Davidson, newyorker.com -- March 14, ...
by jamess
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Concern is rampant amongst gun enthusiasts about registration, leading to confiscation (then extermination, if you believe Ann Coulter ). ...
by tytalus
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Yesterday, the NRA's Wayne LaPierre took to the conservative, libertarian outfit The Daily Caller to rally his troops to fight back against the perceived threat of the Obama administration. Wayne ...
by tytalus
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NYT ...Chicago, a city with no civilian gun ranges and bans on both assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, finds itself laboring to stem a flood of gun violence that contributed to more than ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Wayne LaPierre was not always President of the National Rifle Association. Not too long he was only Executive Vice President of the NRA, in charge of stoking the flames of fear. Obama’s Secret ...
by jamess
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When gun registration is discussed what is actually meant is tracking people with their address and phone numbers with a specific list of guns with serial numbers in their possession. I do not ...
by nextstep
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In my mind the answer is both. First off and to be absolutely clear; I am in favor of bans on the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and all high capacity clips. In contrast, however, I do ...
by cazcee
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Even the NRA agrees that a person with mental illness should not be able to purchase a gun. But what if a person already has a gun and is diagnosed with a disqualifying mental condition? Are we ...
by teacherken
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Hey, groups like the NRA are just giving the people manufacturers what they want, right? On Display in Aurora, the Obama Ammunition Economy by Jim Tankersley -- NationalJournal.com -- July 22, ...
by jamess
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