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In a move to re-imagine their Party, senior members of the House and Senate GOP announced today the formation of a new bicameral Republican Caucus to be called Conservative Republicans Against ...
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The Bethesda Chapter of the Junior League of Hamas confirmed that their speaker for next week's monthly meeting will be Department of Defense Secretary nominee and former Senator Chuck Hagel. ...
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I need to fill some space for an intro, so I'm just going to write this and one more sentence. Just go to the body to find the goods.
by Glasnost
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Hello, rube. Yes, you. I heard you're not smoking because of some fairy tale about cigarettes causing cancer. Clever! After you get done believing a bunch of doctor jargon about "carcinogens" that ...
by RyanFromSTL
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At least for your typical Republican today, what they think of as “freedom” isn’t what you and I define as “free”. It’s like that scene in Easy Rider when Jack ...
by Lo Pan
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