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Mike Dickinson, challenging House Majority Leader Eric Cantor By the way, to point out about that with the title of this diary, I have not seen Democratic Candidate Mike Dickinson on TV nor much ...
by BoxMachine
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Hello, I'd like to reach out to any of you Kossacks from Virginia's 7th Congressional District for information. Feel free to add your understanding of the communities, issues, etc. This isn't ...
by pipsorcle
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As the country begins to pick up the pieces after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy , the conversation is finally getting around to the question of why climate change wasn’t addressed during the ...
by Marcia G Yerman
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The Wayne Powell for Congress campaign has a clever ad out that nicely illustrates why women need to vote majority leader Eric Cantor out of the Congress. It shows a young woman consulting with her ...
by Rolandz
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I'm surprised no one has posted this - I'm guessing due to the scrutiny of the Warren/Brown debate. Last night, however, another interesting debate took place, and it was a knockout: Wayne Powell ...
by bbussey
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Most of you are either watching some hardscrabble baseball team try and eke their way into the playoffs or you are watching the Massachusetts Senate debate. I'm not sure how many of you are ...
by suzq
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At the We Are Woman Rally yesterday in DC, I had the pleasure of hearing Wayne Powell speak. Although, I live in a neighboring district to his 7th District in Virginia, I plan on supporting his ...
by mom2dems
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2010 was the year of the Tea Party, and ultimately it won Republicans control of the House, where the GOP has been busy trying to dictate what women can do with their vaginas by attacking Planned ...
by pistolSO
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by JCWilmore
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If you watched Rachel Maddow last night, you got a chance to see one of the great characters in American politics, Dave "Mudcat" Saunders of Roanoke Va. I got to know Mudcat because he was involved ...
by teacherken
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Apparently, it IS possible to go too far, even in a predominantly conservative district, when it comes to the issue of women's health. A new poll from Harrison Hickman provides some eye-opening ...
by Rolandz
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I had no idea when I awoke on March 3, 2012, that by that evening, I would be witness to our Constitution being tested in the parking lot of the Richmond Police Department at 9th and Leigh Streets. ...
by Wayne Powell for Congress
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1.) His big head. GQ names Cantor The Most Powerful Person in ...
by Eileen B
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The morning after election day, I listened with interest to the local news on NPR, when Richmond Times Dispatch commentator Jeff Schapiro quoted a colleague’s comment on the prosecutor’s race ...
by Wayne Powell for Congress
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Monday was my birthday, so I wished Eric Cantor would be held accountable for his cowardly behavior last week. Last week, Mr. Cantor canceled a speech upon learning the venue refused to deny ...
by Wayne Powell for Congress
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As I view the struggle heat up over the President’s American Jobs Act, I see the continual cacophony of the Republican side chanting the same chorus, any increase in revenues is a “...
by Wayne Powell for Congress
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911 In our individual and collective lives there are terms, acronyms, and dates that we cannot forget. Whether we like it or not,
by Wayne Powell for Congress
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