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Only in Rick Perry's Texas and Annise Parker's Houston would it be illegal to feed the homeless while the River Oaks Country Clubs get whopping tax breaks. As if the ...
by Libby Shaw
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It's funny these days, you never know when you are going to make that connection about politics and the current state of the US. I had my annual physical this morning, which went fine but the story ...
by BillyElliott
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Check out the story below about a lawsuit that puts every public pension plan at risk. I might be out on a limb here but I think this is how the financial industry and their willing servants in ...
by grimjc
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Oh come on Kossacks. Why on earth would we burn bucks by spending our limited and precious financial resources for Republican primary candidates? Let the party that declares cynical and unending ...
by Libby Shaw
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Apparently the Boss is angry again and his new album will vent some of this ...
by NastyJack
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by Clay Claiborne
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{{{Reposting this from my blog killingfloorboston.com ... Written and published one day before a ...
by Birdy Joe Hoaks
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I was trying to think of ways that we could remember the basic tenets of the Occupy movement so that ...
by joelado
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If you're in your late twenties or older, and a fan of Saturday Night Live, you might recall Victoria Jackson . She was never more than a ...
by derek scarlino
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Mayor Villaraigosa & Police Chief Charlie Beck announced today at a afternoon press conference that the LAPD would forcefully throw Occupy Los Angeles off of the park areas surrounding Los Angeles ...
by Clay Claiborne
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We ...
by joelado
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I just got out of jail a few hours ago. I was one of 300 people arrested Thursday in Occupy Wall St. protests across the United States. In Los Angeles, a total of 67 people were arrested from Occupy ...
by Clay Claiborne
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Reading an update on the Huffington Post this morning and I saw yet another story related to Occupy as their front page.
by Peter Delphiki
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I am a part of Parents for Occupy Wall St ., and we'll be discussing our goals and much more tomorrow morning at (11/12/11) at 11 am in the ...
by beedee
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http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article...CLES/111109898 Occupy Sebastopol planned for Saturday By BOB NORBERG THE PRESS DEMOCRAT Published: Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 7:19 p.m. Last Modified: ...
by Colleen Fernald
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Sent to the Thom Hartmann Show & Santa Rosa City Councilmembers www.thomhartmann.com Wed, 11/2/11From: Colleen Fernald Subject: Occupy Santa Rosa victory! Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2011, 11:40 ...
by Colleen Fernald
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I used to teach in the Houston public schools. Middle School--a tough demographic if there ever was one and unlike some educators, I remembered what it was like to be that age and if you'll think ...
by commonmass
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TOP ...
by Dragon5616
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Posted below is a follow up to my call on the Thom Hartmann Show this morning. Please send me your top 5 issues; and Occupy your City Hall, Board of Supervisors, State Capitol, and Federal ...
by Colleen Fernald
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Let me say at the ...
by Clay Claiborne
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