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(A very good friend of mine consented to re-publishing a conversation he had with an old friend): "My friend messaged me about the Ferguson situation and police brutality. We had the following back ...
by thirty three and a third
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The irony is amusing. You can buy Occupy posters at ... Wal-Mart: Walmart is selling a pair of posters depicting scenes from the main Occupy Wall Street protest encampment in New York City's ...
by TomP
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Note: There is an update on the text and new picture (aerial view) right below the fold. This was a momentous day, with actions across the country in support of low wage workers: people rising up ...
by noise of rain
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It's true. Whomever it is can thank the idealistic, if allegedly unshowered, residents of Zuccotti Park from two years ago. They provided ...
by jpmassar
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There are 40,000 people crossing from Asia to Europe on a bridge across the Bosphorus . According to tweets they are joining protesters in Istanbul. These protesters occupied Gezi park for days, ...
by jpmassar
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As many of you know, Occupy Wall Street has celebrated its first birthday over the last few days, culminating in an all-day birthday bash today, 17 September 2012, or #S17 as Occupiers say. There ...
by Timothy Krause
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The first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. Below are twelve more photos of the people.
by Eddie C
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With May Day upon us and the semi-official Occupy! Spring Offensive starting. the two of us--Detroit Red and DJ D--have teamed up to crank out this overview of the music of OWS! Occupy! has no ...
by lao hong han
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Cecily McMillan, the woman who denied medical treatment by NYPD while convulsing in Zuccotti Park late on Saturday, March 17th, gives an exclusive interview to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now . ...
by jpmassar
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The NYCLU responded today to March 17th's New York Police attacks on citizens and their Constitution in a scathing press release denouncing an out of control police department. That sounds eerily ...
by jpmassar
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It's taken me a couple of days, in the midst of everything else going on in my life, to try and compile my thoughts in regards to the events of this past Saturday in New York. The videos I've seen, ...
by Ace Nelson
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As a livestreamer broadcasting from Sacramento a couple weeks ago said when Occupy Oakland paid a visit to the neo-Nazis on the steps of the Capitol, "Occupy Oakland loves to march." And march they ...
by jpmassar
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It was a day-long festival in Zuccotti Park / Liberty Square today in New York City. Occupiers re-occupied the park, celebrating the six-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street's founding. It's ...
by jpmassar
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January 25th was the fourth anniversary of a brutal killing on Water Street at the side of the Goldman, Sachs headquarters building in Manhattan. The now-convicted criminal responsible was E.E.I.'s ...
by m50bing0
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The Tweets say it all. Looks like the threat of an ACLU suit prompted a response. OccupyWallStNYC #OCCUPYWALLSTREET We r LIVE at #LibertySquare, where #BrookfieldProps has removed ...
by jpmassar
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I don't think I've ever had a more exciting New Year's Eve. I'm going to try to recount the night's events chronologically... This might be difficult haha.
by StopMotionsolo
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Mockupy" Wall Street Protesters Occupy Law & Order:SVU @ FAKE Zuccotti Park set 12/9/11 "We are a movement NOT a TV plot!" I arrived with my HD camera at ...
by the digital activist
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Conservatives have been whining about the deadbeats at ...
by Chris Bowers
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Inasmuch as anyone can claim to know the thoughts and intentions of one's sibling, fifty-seven years is a long time to be an older sister, and this woman in particular was definitive that she did ...
by thirty three and a third
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Thanksgivings have become rather indistinguishable since the memorable big family gatherings of my youth in the small Bronx apartment of my grandparents, where one of the highlights was the homemade ...
by thirty three and a third
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