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Like many Kossacks, I moved my money to a local credit union. This diary will list some of the differences between my credit union account and my old U.S Bank checking account. I will also talk ...
by joedemocrat
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While you weren't looking, the banks were hoping the wave of Bank Transfer Day was done, gone, over. People who had not switched over to local banks or credit unions would not have done so. Memories ...
by kravitz
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The dirty little secret nobody talks about is how the poor have always subsidized the rich. A century ago it was best displayed by trans-Atlantic ocean transport. Today it's banking and social ...
by Vegas Dave
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Last Saturday, November 5, was Guy Fawkes Day , which never had much meaning for me because I grew up in the United States. ...
by Sagittarius Dolly
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I've always been fascinated by ants. So tiny, yet so capable of doing things far beyond their own minuscule size. It is said that nothing could grow in the soil without the constant aerating action ...
by Eric Stetson
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Protesters support Bank Transfer Day in Los ...
by kos
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“Just two or three people” was a theme for me yesterday. I found it intriguing that two or three strangers would constantly be a theme for me on a normal Monday. In a truly random set of ...
by dogdad
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November 5th was Bank Transfer Day. Tens of thousands of people pledged to close their accounts in big Wall Street banks on that day and make the switch to small local banks or ...
by Eric Stetson
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Transcript below.
by Horace Boothroyd III
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I’m sorry! I used the words “Bank of America” and “Run” in the title. Oops! So I get an e-mail from our good friends at BoA. I keep no deposits there, but I do have a credit card.
by ManhattanMan
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While national credit union trade organizations ...
by Chris Bowers
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by pistols at dawn
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The Bank Transfer day was a huge success; tens of thousands of people moved their money from large multinational corporate banks to small local banks and credit unions. Hooray. Now what? Time ...
by seetreeme
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Occupy Charleston (SC) headed out for the fifth protest march they've deployed in Charleston in the past 22 days on Saturday, Nov. 5. Beginning on Marion Square, where the weekly farmer's market is ...
by wjhamilton29464
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I didn't move my bank account today. Yes, I'm a slacker. Though I'll be doing it in the not very distant future. Unfortunately it takes a bit more to move my accounts than just walking into BofA, ...
by obviouspseudonym
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Today in a demonstration to highlight Bank Transfer Day, about 50 people of all ages held signs and balloons in front of Chase Bank and Bank of America in Fresno for two hours. They also chanted "...
by ybruti
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It may be in a west coast state with a progressive history, but I can testify unreservedly that growing up in The Dalles, Oregon, during the 50's and 60's was the epitome of hometown Americana of ...
by jgilhousen
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I went into my local Chase branch in Portland, OR this morning and closed my account. We used to have a Washington Mutual account, but they were seized and ...
by m0ng0
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If anybody has any lingering doubts about why we need Band Transfer Day, read on....... Bank of America transferred 75 TRILLION of derivatives from their investment side to their commercial banking ...
by citizen blues
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*UPDATE:* A huge march just started in NYC. Our reporter is on the Scene.
by OllieGarkey
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