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I'm not fond of round numbers for their for their roundness alone, just for having all those zeros. Personally I think a numbering system based on 12 instead of 10 makes much more sense. Then the ...
by Lefty Coaster
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If Herman Cain seemed a bit " beside himself " -- trying to explain away all these accusations, that he supposedly can't even remember in the first place ... well becki-becki, ...
by jamess
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Every year at about this time, I break out my DVD of the 1936 anti-drug propaganda flick Reefer Madness . No it’s not exactly the ...
by Karl Frisch
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Herman is cute but this is too blatant to chuckle over. He got his way with selling less than optimal pizza but the wealthy audience he wants to ingratiate cannot buy him enough votes to sell this.
by stevenb
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A summary of Mr. Cain's 999 tax plan from his website : • Removes all payroll taxes and unites all tax payers • Provides the least incentive to evade taxes and the ...
by Coffee Moderate
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who blogs at Dirigo Blue and Kennebec Blues . The voo-doo-doo 9-9-9 economic tax ...
by Bruce Bourgoine
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This bad GOP bumper sticker slogan masquerading as a serious policy proposal deserves a bumper sticker response. Progressives everywhere should chorus nein, nein, nein to Herman Cain's 999 and avoid ...
by David Frenkel
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SimCity 4's default tax plan defaults with a 9% commercial tax, a 9% industrial tax, and a 9% tax for ...
by thenekkidtruth
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Overshadowing the quibbles from the Right this new ABC analysis of Cain's ultra regressive 999 tax plan, broadcast on the Network News tonight should sink Herman Cain's Presidential campaign more ...
by Lefty Coaster
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Why would we dissolve the current system of taxation only to replace it with a flat tax that generates fewer revenues? Cain, the reason the rich advocate for a flat tax is, they swear that it ...
by csainvestor
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