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Overview : Surveillance of oppressed groups and so-called undesirables has been a tenet of America's heritage. Slave patrols and infiltration made ...
by jpmassar
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Mr. Liese is kneed by Officer Delio, rupturing his spleen The Orlando Police Department, like many other police departments, must now investigate one of their own because ...
by Walter Einenkel
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Libby’s inaugural festivities became a stage for Black Lives Matter Protests. Her first day in office she threw an Oakland Police Department love fest with selfies and puff pieces; this so ...
by potty mouth
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On December 13th, the largest protest gathering in the Bay Area since the Occupy Port Shutdowns and General Strike took place. Three to five thousand people assembled at Oscar Grant Plaza in ...
by jpmassar
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Anti-Police protest marches have been trying to get to the Oakland Police Station at Broadway and 7th Streets for years now. Every time they attempt to do so their way has been blocked by Oakland ...
by jpmassar
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Some four hundred protesters outside the Marriott in downtown Oakland on Friday, September 5th listened as a protest organizer announced that the Word from the Mayor had come down: The City of ...
by jpmassar
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It's four days of glorifying militarized police and their deadly toys. It's a convention which markets death via its trade show and whose 2013 publicity has a picture of commandos on a BART train ...
by jpmassar
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The Zim cargo ship sat unloaded all day Monday at the Port of Oakland as Longshoremen refused to cross community picket lines. For a report on Sunday's blockade see here , and for the mass protest ...
by jpmassar
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by the Oakland Privacy Group, to which I belong. On March 4, 2014, the Oakland City Council will decide to award a contract that, if approved, will impact your civil rights. The Domain Awareness ...
by jpmassar
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A bit of street theatre took place Saturday, February 1st, in Oakland, just a block away from where Scott Olsen was shot and nearly killed by Oakland's Police Department during the first major ...
by jpmassar
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My New Year's resolution is to become mayor of Oakland. Let me know if you will help. — Dan Siegel (@DanMSiegel) January 2, 2014 It's hard to do and say nothing while your police are beating, ...
by jpmassar
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Bill DeBlasio ran opposing New York City's Stop and Frisk policy. In fact, his opposition to and Christine Quinn's refusal to denounce said policy are credited by some with propelling DeBlasio to ...
by jpmassar
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I got in the car at around 4:30 P.M. today and headed to the Occupy Oakland's 2nd Anniversary rally at Oscar Grant Plaza , looking forward to ...
by Ray Pensador
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You've never heard of Suzi Spangenberg or Sukay Sow , and to tell you the truth, neither had I. But Suzi received $500,000 and Sukay $210,000 as part of a settlement agreement announced last night ...
by jpmassar
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Please rec this diary! After Scott Olsen ( @Olsonvet ) was shot in the head with a beanbag round by an Oakland Police officer on October 25th, 2011, a bunch of Occupy Oakland protesters ran out to ...
by jpmassar
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You know your Prime Minister is out of touch when he blames "radical Marxist-Leninists" for your country's problems. Turkey's prime minister, Tayyip Erdogan, has vowed to press ahead with the ...
by jpmassar
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Howard Jordan, Oakland's Police Chief since October 10th, 2011,
by jpmassar
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One year ago the parents of a young man were confronted with the fact that their son had died that night in a gun battle with the Oakland Police.
by jpmassar
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On March 9th, 2013 May 6th, 2012 police officers rolled up on Kimani Gray , age 16, Alan Blueford, age 18 and his friends, out walking on the streets of Flatbush, Brooklyn East Oakland after ...
by jpmassar
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Noted Oakland civil rights attorney Dan Siegel has written previously on these pages about the general problem of police in society. ( ...Modern Day Policing and the New Jim Crow ) With Oakland's ...
by jpmassar
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